I don’t like the upsell and I don’t like when people try to rip me off.

And you know as well as I do that it happens all the darn time!

So should this young woman feel like a jerk for refusing to pay for something she didn’t want?

Read on to see what happened…

AITA for refusing to pay for a service I didn’t ask for?

“So today I (F18) went to the hair salon to get an olaplaex treatment I’ve been wanting for a long time.

When the treatment was done being washed out, the stylist began blow drying my hair and I asked if there would be an extra charge for the blow-dry and he simply said i could not leave with wet hair. I repeated one more time that I did not want to be charged anything extra beyond the treatment and that I would be more than ok leaving with wet hair if I had to pay extra.

He nodded and continued with the blow drying so I assumed that it was a complimentary service they did. When I went to pay, I noticed the charge was significantly more than what was listed on the website so I asked about it and they said I was being charged for a style as well since I received a blow dry.

Keep in mind that I am currently trying to pay tuition and the cost of the blow dry brought me from 40$ to 98$. After a lengthy argument, I gave them the money for the treatment and wash only and walked away, not before being called an ignorant a**hole by the staff.

I think that it’s quite unfair that despite not asking for a persistently stating I was not looking for extra charge, they still charged me but I also understand that their industry is suffering right now and that they have to be compensated properly for their services.

I think that I was being reasonable but I am worried I might be the a**hole.”

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