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AITA for walking out in the middle of my husband’s birthday dinner?

“My husband (30M) and I (27F) have been together for 3 years and married for 5 months.

Our relationship has been without any problems until the week before our wedding. My husband was very close friends with a woman (Let’s call her Ava) that he has known since they were sophomores in high school.

I never had a problem with Ava, I thought it was very obvious that she and my husband are just friends, I mean she had a long-term boyfriend and all. So, I felt no jealousy or anything. I actually got along with Ava pretty well.

We all hung out together regularly. But then my husband dropped a bombshell on me the week before we got married. I remember he sat me down and told me that Ava revealed to him that she has feelings for him and tried to convince him to not get married to me. She even broke up with her boyfriend (of 6!! Years) to prove that she was serious about my husband.

My husband and I both agreed to cut her off, we uninvited her to our wedding and neither one of us have been in contact with her since.

It was my husband’s 30th birthday yesterday, he just wanted to have a dinner with family and friends so that’s what we did. So, we are all in a restaurant eating when all of a sudden Ava walks in. She walks to our table and says she didn’t mean to intrude, that she was just getting dinner by herself and then saw us. She then wishes my husband a happy birthday.

I expect her to leave but then my husband asks if she wants to join us. I look at my husband like what the f**k are you doing. I’m visibly uncomfortable and irritated. I stand up and tell Ava that she can have my seat and then I walk out and get an uber home because I want absolutely nothing to do with her.

When my husband comes home almost two hours later, he immediately starts an argument with me. He tells me I overreacted and acted immaturely. I ask him why did he ask Ava to eat with us because I thought we were on the same page.

He replies that was just being nice and he didn’t think it would be a big deal because it’s been a long time since he has seen her so she probably doesn’t have feelings for him anymore. And then he tells me that I ruined his birthday.

I’m still upset about it all. I don’t think I’m the one in the wrong. I mean, this woman literally tried to steal my partner.


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