There is no shortage of animal videos on the internet, and this video of a wild bird who perhaps wonders if a paper airplane making its way down from 33 stories up is another bird and needs to be challenged proves just that.

Paul Chareth, the founder of real estate company Flylisted, captured the funny moment on video. He’d wanted to see what it was like to throw a paper airplane from that height – using his 33rd floor penthouse apartment window for the experiment.

And then… the bird gets involved.

Wait for it…


Sent this paper airplane to Cuba. I can’t believe the bird at the end #fypシ #funny #LaysGoldenDuet

♬ original sound – Paul Chareth

Animals always know best, after all, and I’m surprised everyone posting content to the internet hasn’t already figured that out.

If an animal of any kind wants to horn in on your moment, just let them – I promise it will turn out better than you’d ever imagined.