Let’s face it. We don’t deserve dogs. They are delightful, fluffy, and they look at us with such love – or sometimes they give us those soulful eyes. Either way, we can’t resist them!

Or maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, here are 17 tweets that show dogs being their very best selves. Because who doesn’t need a few more dog tweets?

Let’s go!

1. So dapper

What a handsome, beautiful boy!

2. Dog greetings are the best greetings

Say hai then bye then hai again!

3. Oh, those clothes!

Looking sharp, pup!

4. Microwaves are magic

How do those things work? I needs to knows!


5. Who’s a good boy?

Answer: this very, very, very, good boy!

6. He’s not even sorry

You only live once!


7. True love

Awww…. all the hearts for this one.

8. My heart

Icy heart is melting slowly…

9. They’re always making friends

Let’s all hang out forever!

10. I couldn’t handle this

Take it away. There’s too much cute for me to handle.


11. It’s nicer than my car

Well, now I feel inadequate. Thanks Twitter!

12. He made the sign

And now I’m reading it.

13. Who doesn’t like to be tucked in?

Time for beddie bye!


14. I, too, love donuts

Yum yum in our tum tums!

15. So pure

Was there ever a doggo more good?


16. They need your attention immediately

Please and thank you!


Give dogs all the hugs. They deserve them! Because they’re always there for us in our times of need.

Do you have any fun doggo moments like this?

Share those in the comments!