Whether it’s right or wrong, women are constantly reminded to be vigilant about our safety. We check in on our friends after we go out to make sure they got home safely. We’re cautious about where we walk at night. We would hope that a large ride-sharing platform would be as vigilant about our safety as we are.


Twitter user @AnnaGillcrist shared her experience of riding home in a Lyft after a bachelorette party.

Creepy and annoying, yes, but not necessarily dangerous. Unfortunately, he persists.

Okay, warning signs for sure. It gets worse.

Thankfully, she was able to quickly escape to safety.

Surely Lyft will respond swiftly.


Wow. I have no words. No, wait… I actually do…

Their response to a dangerous, frightening situation and a driver that could hurt someone, and at the very least made Anna deeply uncomfortable, is a $5 credit?

Anna wasn’t having it.

Twitter wasn’t going to let Lyft get away with this response.

No, they weren’t.

Come on Lyft…


Finally, Lyft did respond:

Part two…

Part three…

Although this particular response only addresses the individual driver, Lyft has also taken steps further steps to address these types of issues across the platform. They are introducing ongoing background checks, rather than just the initial background check, and enhanced identity verification.

These are steps in the right direction, and we can only hope that these platforms will take reports regarding driver safety more seriously in the future.