It’s common to see lists of successful people who achieved great things while they were young. Think 40 under 40, 30 under 30, and the like.

Celebrating the achievements of people who are so young is great, but it can make older people feel insecure if they haven’t achieved greatness yet. Some people even start feeling they’re too old to succeed if they didn’t do so before age 30 or 40.

That’s why Melissa Hunter, a TV producer, and writer, asked her Twitter followers to share stories about people who reached success later in life.

They say if you ask for something, you’ll get it! Twitter went above and beyond to share stories about the successes the reached in their late 30s, 40s, 50s, and later on. You’re never too late!

10. First Book at 45

9. Drummer at 49

8. Back to Grad School at 46

7. Novelist at 62

6. Expert Dog Trainer at 55


5. Interior Designer in Her 40s

4. Saw Victoria Falls at 47

3. A Math Whiz at 60+


2. MFA at 38


1. Filmmaker at 65

The entire thread is inspiring to read and is still garnering a few replies.

Is there anything you achieved after a given age that you’d like to share?

The comments section is all yours!