It’s hella annoying when you’re waiting for a package to be delivered, only to arrive home to find an “attempted” delivery note on your door. Ugh. Now you have to reschedule the delivery or go out of your way to pick it up at a local distribution center.

But I’m sure you may have noticed, many large delivery companies have switched to text message alerts for notifications. What a super convenient way to make sure you get your package!

Great right? Well, mostly.

Recently, a Brooklyn UPS center alerted several customers of failed attempted deliveries – only they included all of the customers in one big group chat. Oops!

In most cases, people might simply block the number and move on with life, but this gal had other things in mind.


Before they knew it, the group chat caught on and many others chimed in. The result: A gathering of strangers.

The chat quickly moved into planning a get-together. But not all “attempted” delivery customers were interested.


Bummer. Perhaps meeting new people isn’t their thing. But that didn’t stop the group from setting up a new chat thread and setting a date and time for beers.

And in this unique event, the “UPS Club” was born. Some members even wore “UPS Brown” to symbolize their meetup.

Photo Credit: Twitter

When this story was posted, Twitter was flooded with replies and retweets, but also a few very important questions. Deno, one of the meetup members, happily replied.


All in all, it appears this crew had a great time!

Photo Credit: Twitter, @Deno_Tron

Photo Credit: Twitter, @Deno_Tron

Photo Credit: Twitter, @Deno_Tron

The UPS technology error ended up providing an exciting evening and possibly some long-term friendships.

Look at that – the mail, brining people together. Aww.