We all want what’s best for our pets. Period. Full stop.

They’re a big part of our lives and we consider them part of the family.

So we should listen to experts about the best way to take care of them, right?


Veterinarians shared the things they think all pets owners need to understand about their pets on AskReddit. Let’s see what they had to say.

1. All about you.

“You have your life, your job, your friends, your family to provide your social interaction per day.

Your dog only has YOU.

Interact with your dog for more than five minutes per day and maybe your dog will not go out barking every five seconds.”

2. Good to know.

“If your pet eats your weed stash, let the vet know.

They are not going to call the police.

They need to know everything they can to diagnose your pet.”

3. Boundaries.

“Don’t complain about your dog not having boundaries when you’re literally feeding them scraps off your plate at dinner time!

That’s 100% on you.”

4. Exotic animals.

“Exotic animals (reptiles, birds, small mammals such as rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and rodents) may be easy to acquire and assumingely easier to take care of but most of these animals have very specific housing and dietary needs that need to be met and require enrichment.

Also, not every veterinarian has experience with exotic animals, and exotic animal medicine is sometimes at a premium but is still necessary. I’ve met a lot of people who get a small mammal or a small bird for like $20 from the pet store and then won’t pay for medical care because it costs way more than the pet was purchased for.”

5. Good point.

“Dogs are living creatures who need preventative medical care just like you do. And sometimes they get sick like you do.

If you can’t contribute the bare minimum to take care of them, maybe you should think again about owning one.”

6. Pay attention.

“Vaccines you get at the drug store on the corner or the feed and tack shop ARE NOT as good or the same as the ones you get at the vet.

Just because your dog is scratching its ears does not mean it has ear mites.

Your cat is not urinating outside the box because its a jerk ( it might be) it probably has an infection.

Not eating for 3 days while vomiting and having diarrhea is a huge deal!

That 5 lb chihuahua or even 80 lb lab can’t lose that many fluids without having any intake and be ok and neither would you.”

7. Do your research.

“Dont’ buy a dog only because you like the way it looks. h

Huskies and most sorts of shepherds are working dogs.

They need lots of activities to be happy and they often turn aggressive if they do not get enough of it!”

8. It’s a myth.

“One thing that really frustrates her is the myth that neutering a cat will make them fat and lazy.

It reduces the amount of calories they need which means they need less food and/or more exercise to maintain the same weight.

Cats generally get less energetic as they get older regardless, but most will still perk up if you make the effort to wave a toy in their face every so often.”

9. Interesting.

“99% of patients are ok with drop off appointments due to covid. The number of clients claiming “my pet has severe anxiety, I can’t believe you’re making him go in alone!” is quite high.

Almost all pets are fine. And the ones who aren’t fine, I’ve allowed owners in the building to help. There’s been 2 since March who actually were in distress despite people complaining daily about it being an issue.

Also I think people need to learn more about the medical process in general. Tests are usually required to make a diagnosis. Sometimes even with tests the diagnosis is grey.

Sometimes spending all the money will not guarantee success. Many times there’s not a magic shot I can give to fix it.”

10. They need space.

“Animals need WAY more space than what’s currently suggested by stores. A beta fish needs a 10+ gallon tank (living in puddles is a myth that won’t die and any tank less than 10g is cruel and abusive).

A hamster or mouse needs at least a 36x24in habitat, as deep as you can find, with plenty of extra bedding for burrowing (Kaytee cages are extremely inhumane). Birds need LARGE cages and should not be confined to them for the majority of the day. Rabbits and guinea pigs need a  tonof space, to the point that a moderately sized bedroom is only adequate.

Very few of these animals are domesticated (tame == domesticated), especially birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish, and their needs should be matched as closely to their wild counterparts as possible.”

11. Diet.

“Please understand what food your animal eats before you bring it home.

You cannot feed a cat dog food, you can’t feed a rabbit hamster food, and you shouldn’t be feeding any reptile or amphibian the prepackaged sh*t from the store. The more exotic the animal, the more likely you will have to feed it fresh, pre-killed frozen, or live food.

If you don’t want to touch worms or crickets or dead mice, do not get an animal that eats them.”

12. They’re animals, after all.

“Stop getting mad at your animal for acting like an animal. Cats need to scratch, dogs bark, and all animals bite/scratch when they feel threatened.

My cat makes the most annoying f*cking sound when she plays but she’s having a good time with her toys and it’s not for me to take that away from her. If you don’t like barking, don’t get a dog. If you can be asked to take five seconds of your life to teach your cat to use a scratcher over your furniture, don’t get a cat.

If you absolutely NEED to be able to cuddle your animals, don’t get reptiles/fish/amphibians/some species of birds. Learn what the animal DOES (the sounds it makes, the way they play, the way they demand attention from humans) and if you don’t like them, pick a different animal.”

How about you?

Do you have any words of wisdom when it comes to animals?

If so, please tell us in the comments. Thanks!