When I think of Canada, I think of hockey, politeness, and maple syrup.

Snakes? Not so much.

And yet, Canada (Manitoba, specifically) is home to the largest single concentration of garter snakes in the world.

This gathering takes place at the Narcisse Snake Dens.


Is this the stuff of nightmares? Maybe.

But garter snakes are relatively small. There are a lot of them, though.


I mean, that’s a lot of snakes.

There aren’t this many snakes all the time, though. This is a part of their spring mating ritual. Over one to three weeks in late April or early May, these snakes form a “mating ball,” where one female is surrounded by up to 100 males.


The Narcisse Snake Dens offer four active dens, all of which are connected by a trail. There are platforms where you can view the snakes from a safe distance, and visitors are discouraged from picking them up unless they’re with a staff member.

This is for their protection, though. Not yours.


It’s the perfect place to get up close and personal with snakes.

Just like you’ve always dreamed, right?