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And this time the story on Reddit’s “Am I the *sshole?” page comes to us from a teenage boy who had some choice words for his wealthy parents.

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AITA for telling my rich parents that my ‘lower class’ friends and their families are better people than they could ever dream of being?

“I’ll start by saying that I’m a 17M. Both my parents are very successful lawyers, and we live in a super nice house.

They have given me everything I could ask for, but they’re not exactly there for me emotionally. I can’t remember the last time we ate dinner together or had a decent conversation. Most of the time they’re not even home and it’s just me. I feel like a ghost in my own house.

We moved to a new town not too long ago, and my parents enrolled me in the more exclusive private school in the area. I’ve gone to private schools my entire life. But my experience at this school was horrible.

I’m short, effeminate looking, and obviously gay. The only reason I didn’t get my *ss seriously kicked was because my parents are rich.

I begged my parents to switch schools, but they were hesitant because the only other option was public schooling. I finally escaped the private school of circle jerking, and enrolled in this new school.

I guess I should mention that a few years ago, this school district expanded their enrollment zone to slightly cover a lower income area, which resulted in a handful of students from low income families being enrolled.

My first few days at this new school were brutal, with a lot of the same problems following me. Until I ran into Garfield (it’s a family name. I swear he’s not named after a cat).

He spoke up and said he would love to be my lab partner when no one else would. We quickly became friends and he introduced me to his childhood friend also attending the school named Eduardo.

Since my parents are so distant to begin with, they never noticed me spending so much time with my new friends. Garfield’s mother is a waitress and his dad a construction worker. Eduardo’s mother cleans houses and his dad works odd jobs, such as driving for Uber.

Both of their families are amazing and involved. I started dating Garfield and had real friends for the first time ever. Both Garfield and Eduardo have come over to my house about twice and met my parents.

The other day, my mother pulled me over and casually mentioned that I was spending a lot of time with that blonde boy (Garfield) and the Hispanic kid. She asked what their families did and where they lived, and I told her. She immediately became upset and said I was aiming way below my abilities and these were not the kind of influences I needed in my life.

I asked why, and she said we just live different types of lives and I’ll understand when I’m older. I freaked out and said both of them and their families have been there more for me in the six months I’ve known them than my parents ever have and that they’re cold, unfeeling snobs. My mom started crying and said public school has changed me for the worst.

I’ve never seen her cry before, and I’m starting to feel horrible. AITA for saying they’re rich hypocrites and that my friend’s families are better?”

And here’s what folks said in response to his story.

This person doesn’t think the teenager was wrong at all for what he said to his parents.

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Another Reddit user thinks that the boy’s mom might actually be upset because she’s coming to terms with her life choices.

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This person said that wealth really isn’t a good indicator of what really matters in life: character and doing the right thing.

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Another Reddit user said that the boy wasn’t wrong for what he said but that they also sympathize with the mom in this story.

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Finally, this person said that the boy was not the *sshole here but that his mom, despite her faults, most likely spent her life thinking she was making the right decisions when it came to trying to make money.

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