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AITA for refusing to RSVP to my sister’s wedding because I’m required to write an “application essay” just to attend?

“Yeah I know this sounds insane but I’m living in it.

So my sister is getting married next February, destination wedding no less. I have doubts whether this wedding is actually going to happen with the pandemic and everything but she is totally set on moving forward.

Anyways because of the pandemic, her original venue has made her cut down on guests because they’re cutting capacity by half. As a result she’s sending out “re-invites” that asks everyone to RSVP again.

But in order to figure out who to invite and who to cut, she’s asking all confirmed guests to submit two 250-word “essays” to two questions. The gist is that they’ll use these essays to choose who can come or not, based on people’s enthusiasm. People who don’t write the essays at all will be automatically disqualified.

I just feel really insulted by all of this. The questions aren’t even pandemic-related, its broad topics like ”why do you still want to celebrate this day with us?” And “what will attending our wedding mean to you specifically?” So she’s blatantly looking for people to kiss *ss and tell her why they REALLY want to go.

Anyways I told her in advance I’m not writing 500 words on why I NEED to attend her wedding, spend my own money on plane tickets/hotels, and buy her a present. This has really rubbed her and my parents the wrong way. She’s said that to keep things fair if I don’t fill out the RSVP correctly I won’t be saved a spot. I said fine with me. Then my parents said if I don’t show up I’m going to be in big f*cking trouble with all our relatives so just write the essays.

AITA if I stay stubborn on this? I’m already annoyed at the thought of spending thousands and coming home to quarantine. But I will not belt out 500 words on how this is totally my choice. AITA?

Edit: I’m 27F. I don’t live with family but she is my only sister.

Edit2: Sister has framed these essays as “surveys” but there’s a word limit requirement so if you don’t reach it on the google forms you can’t even submit. Parents think this is perfectly reasonable, nice even, because sister is letting everyone have the chance to attend.”

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Bingo! Totally idiotic behavior from a total Bridezilla!

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This person summed it up pretty clearly: the writer’s sister is a lunatic.

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This Reddit user argued that it’s up to the people actually getting married to take care of the guest list and that potential attendees shouldn’t have to do anything ridiculous like this.

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Another person made a good point…this does kind of sound like they’re getting people to beg to come to the wedding…

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And finally, this reader made a good point: maybe nobody will end up going anyway!

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