U-G-L-Y, you ain’t got no alibi, you’re ugly!

I’m sorry, that wasn’t nice…

But I guess sometimes people feel like they have to lay down the law…even if it hurts someone’s feelings.

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AITA For Telling My Cousin She Isn’t As Pretty As She Thinks She Is?

“My(16F) cousin(17F) is very blunt. She says what she feel and i don’t have a problem with it most of the time.

I normally let her talk although I don’t agree with what she says. There are somethings that my cousin would say that i would tell not to do tho. Whenever i would show her a picture of one of my friends she would call them ugly and my assumptions on how she thinks they act. I don’t think any of my friends are ugly and the assumptions she makes are always wrong.

Yesterday i invited her to hang out with me and my friends. She agreed. We hung out and talked then my cousin looks my friend d**d in her eyes and says “You’re not that pretty. Now that i actually look at you”. That friend of mine is very insecure about her looks and I told my cousin this beforehand. My friend excused herself to the bathroom and 2 other girls followed.

I was so angry at my cousin, she knew that my friend had insecurities and she thought it’d be okay for her to point out that she was “ugly”. I turned to look at my cousin and i raised my voice and told her the she wasn’t as pretty as she thinks she is and that my friend is way prettier. My cousin stood up and walked away she looked as if she wanted to cry.

When I got home my aunt was there with my cousin on the couch. They want me to apologize. But i don’t want to. She disrespected my friend. My whole family is mad at me and im no longer allowed at family functions until i apologize.


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