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AITA for wanting to tell my husband’s sister where he takes her son whenever he’s babysitting for her?

“My husband’s sister “Nicole” had a difficult upbringing, her parents kicked her out and disowned her and cut financial support off her after she refused to marry the family friend.

She instead went to live with her late boyfriend who passed away shortly after their son was born. My inlaws kept pressuring Nicole to let them meet their grandkid, they harassed her to the point where she got a restraining order against them and that’s when they stopped.

But they, including my husband, have been complaining about what a horrible thing she did and said that she broke the family and robbed them of their grandchild. My husband has contact with Nicole and he started offering to babysit her son for her after she finally found found new job, and she’s been grateful for this.

However, he’s been doing this ever since he started babysitting his nephew, He’d wait til she drop his nephew off then he’d get him into the car and drive to my inlaws house so they could see him.

He’d stay gone and come back 30 minutes before Nicole is expected to arrive. I didn’t wanna say anything first but then I couldn’t stand thinking about how betrayed and hurt Nicole would feel if she found out.

I told my husband what he’s doing is wrong since his nephew’s mom did not consent to him go to my inlaws house, but he told me he’s doing this for his nephew’s sake and told me to shut the f up and stay out of his family affairs.

This caused an argument between us, I told him if he doesn’t stop then I’d tell Nicole, he said I wouldn’t then explained that he didn’t think it was fair for Nicole to punish his parents like that and ban them from seeing their grandchild – I told him this is serious cause she has a restraining order against them and our nephew’s shouldn’t be there.

I insisted I’d tell her if this doesn’t stop but he said if i do that I’d cost him to lose his nephew and called me bitter and cruel for even entertaining the idea. He told me if I do that then he’ll let my inlaws know and they won’t be happy with me.

He urged me to mind my own business and stop trying to divide the family and “condone” Nicole’s unjustified ha**ed for his parents.”

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