Why are so many people out there arguing about food?

It’s a real mystery if you ask me!

And you’re about to see another story from the “Am I the A**hole?” page on Reddit about a family feuding over what’s on the table.

Let’s see what happened!

AITA for having different food delivered?

“I’m 19 F and I’ve been a picky eater my entire life.

I don’t have any dietary restrictions that I know of but I usually h**e most things I eat. My family went out to a hibachi restaurant and forced me to come with them.

Normally my mom will buy me fast food when we go out to dinner but she didn’t stop this time because we were running late and advised me to just get the hibachi chicken and I’ll live.

I complained that I’d h**e it and my mom said I should try it because I might like it and because she’d been letting me live off chicken nuggets and instant ramen for too long but I really really don’t like most other foods. So I had some Burger King delivered to the hibachi place and ate it while the rest of my family enjoyed their hibachi.

Everyone in the restaurant looked at me funny but I didn’t care and just enjoyed my chicken fries. When we got home my mom said I embarrassed them in the restaurant by getting fast food delivered. But she didn’t stop for me and I paid for the delivery myself.


And this is what Reddit users had to say about this.

This reader said that this woman was indeed the a**hole in this situation. Ouch!

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Another Reddit user agreed and said that she should have been asked to leave the restaurant.

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This individual said that they’re a picky eater too but that this woman is an adult and she should have acted like one.

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And finally, this person said that this young woman is an a**hole but they blamed it on her mother for raising her this way.

Double ouch!

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