We all have those lazy days. You know, the ones where you feel like doing absolutely nothing. Maybe you wear your morning pajamas until the afternoon, then switch into your evening pajamas.

An adorable dog is exemplifying this feeling in an Instagram video that’s sure to make you smile.

Meet Napa, a golden retriever who lives in Chicago. She wants you to know that it’s OK to relax, take a load off and really just live your best life while you’re sprawled on the floor resting.


Her video was wildly popular with the people of the internet, perhaps because they know exactly how she feels.

In fact, it seems like Napa feels lazy pretty often, based on some of her other behaviors. Here she is smooshing her human:


But it’s not as if all Napa ever does is lay around. Occasionally, she likes to get outside and be active.

Case in point: She’s been known to do some weight training with sticks at local ponds:


But… then she usually ends up back on the floor afterward. We feel you, Napa. We really do.

Because, let’s be honest, if we had an actual, legit spirit animal… it would be a goldie who doesn’t want to play catch and just lays around the house all day.


But generally speaking, she’s pretty happy with the way her life is playing out these days. I mean just look at that big toothy smile:


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