Hey, you!

You’re simply the best! Better than all the rest!

Do you remember that popular song?

I bet you thought it was about YOU, right?

Well, I have some bad news for you…it’s actually about the funny tweets that you’re about to lay your eyes on.

But hey, that’s better than nothing, right?

You know it! So go ahead and enjoy these tweets, okay?

They’re the best!

1. You know what, let’s just call the whole thing off.

Well, that escalated quickly.

2. Oh, great, here we go again…

Well, this is pretty disturbing.

3. You should run the other way.

Because they both look totally insane.


4. I think you might be on to something here.

Let’s explore this a little bit further.

5. He really needs to get on top of this…

He made you look like an idiot! And you made him look like a god…


6. Yeah, this isn’t going to be very fun.

But keep telling yourself that…


7. I heard she was totally HOT.

Like totally off the charts smokin’.


8. I’ll take the jail sentence, thank you very much.

How about you?

9. I wish this was a thing.

Can we make this a thing?

10. Hey, she’s just being honest, okay?

But still…maybe a little too much information.

11. Wow! That was pretty sleazy!

We’re proud of you for it.

12. You can’t have to go again.

Okay, if you say so…but make it quick.


13. Those ink people don’t mess around.

And don’t try to cross them…


What are some of your favorite tweets?

Share them with us in the comments.

We’re very excited to hear from you!