We’ve all been cooped up in our houses for the better part of a year now and you know it’s been stressful…and kind of boring.

So, what to do…?

Well, people have been passing the time in a number of different ways, and one of them has been home, do-it-yourself projects.

Why not, right?

The only problem is that some of these things seem to be spinning out of control. Not to mention getting very, very weird.

Take a look at these DIY home projects and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

1. Skate or die!

Actually, never mind. Don’t do that.

Aw yee
byu/real_pcwiz inDiWHY

2. It’s easy and it fits right in your pocket!

I’m very impressed by this.

A woman on my timeline has a “remote stick”, because her family loses the TV remote so often.
byu/Skytrip inDiWHY

3. Now THIS I kinda actually like.

Would you wear this out in public?

This showed up at my work today. It’s hand made from old cans of Fanta.
byu/Silverslade1 inDiWHY

4. Why? Just whyyyyyyy?

This is some scary stuff.

5. How’d that work out for you?

I bet people were confused…

Made a WatermelonBoy and tested it out in public [OP]
byu/cedishappy inDiWHY

6. The caption says it all.

And this needs to exist for what reason?

Jesus fucking christ
by inDiWHY

7. Good Lord is right.

Take a walk on the denim stairway to Heaven.

Good lord.
byu/niko13107 inDiWHY

8. Makes perfect sense to me.

They don’t make real coasters anymore so you kind of have to do this.

That is an actual piece of bread.. covered in cement, being used as a table coaster…
byu/Dominik_DarkLight inDiWHY

9. Have a seat on the throne!

It just looks very COLD.

Impossible to clean!
byu/pixiepebbles inDiWHY

10. She failed. In a huge way.

Don’t let your dad use that, by the way.

My mom tried to make a cane for my dad
byu/crazinem inDiWHY

11. It’s very natural.

Let the light in!

These window reflections are painted on.
byu/EvilDuncan inDiWHY

12. You never know when you’re gonna need these.

In case someone gets out of line at the beach.

Who doesn’t love crocs?
by inDiWHY

13. I’d actually buy this.

What does that say about me?

Spotted on the marketplace
byu/TheN00dleDream inDiWHY

Now we want to hear from you.

Yeah, you!

In the comments, tell us about some DIY home projects that you’ve been working on. And share some pics with us, too! Thanks!