Hey, good hygiene isn’t only for the ladies, you know?

We guys should be doing our best to look good and feel good!

And today we’re gonna get some pointers.

AskReddit users share hygiene habits they think men should know about.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. BO.

“If you can smell your body odor a little bit, other people can definitely smell you.”

2. Come on!

“Clip your toe and finger nails.

For real.”

3. Don’t forget about it.

“Clean your belly button.

And arguably more importantly DRY YOUR BELLY BUTTON. Use a towel, some tissue, or a cotton bud, or even a hair dryer, and make sure the inside is actually dry before you go putting tight tops on.

Belly button infections are very real and very sore, and caused (mostly) by it not getting to dry properly!”

4. Get down in there.

“Clean your feet, especially the toes!

Nobody likes nasty stinks.”

5. Yes, sir.

“Take care of your teeth!!!!!!!

I’m 45 years old, I started taking care of my teeth at 40. I did not give it enough importance.

At first I was afraid to go to the dentist, when i finally went my dentist told me that I could fix my teeth, I thought it was going to be more serious, i was lucky, my dentist removed cavities and only 2 teeth, I wore braces for 2 years and now my teeth are very nice, now I feel more confident speaking

The best decision I made, never it’s too late.”

6. Gross.

“Don’t wear the same boxers for a week.

Trust me, it’s not cool at all.”

7. Lather up.

“For the love of God, wear sunscreen.

4 days into summer everyone I work with is wandering around looking like fresh cooked lobsters.”

8. One way or another.

“If you find traditional flossing unbearable for whatever reason, invest in a waterpik.

You can put warm water in the chamber, it’s smaller than your hands (I could never fit my ham hocks inside my mouth very far), and provides VERY thorough flossing.”

9. Use more!

“Just because deodorant says it lasts 48 hours doesn’t mean you should take it as a personal challenge.”

10. Get rid of the frizz.

“If your hair is frizzy or fuzzy, wash it less. I have curly hair and I was always harassed about washing my hair even though I did it daily.

Turns out I was stripping all of the oil and harming my hair. I shower daily but only wash it when it gets greasy, which is usually after a week.”

11. Seriously…

“If you want to grow a beard, maintain it. Long beards still need maintenance.

Also consult with the kind of people you’re into to see how they like it.

Too many dudes have short but unkempt beards.”

12. Let’s hope so…

“Shave/trim your armpit hair to increase effectiveness of deodorant.

You are using deodorant, right?”

What are some hygiene habits you think men should know about?

Let us know in the comments!

Thanks a lot!