Sometimes, you can just tell by observing

I’m talking about signs of toxic relationships that you most definitely want to avoid in your own life.

And, lucky for us, these AskReddit users were nice enough to share what they think about this topic.

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“I found out the other week that my buddy has to send his girlfriend detailed notes with timestamps of legitimately everything he does while hanging out with the guys…

9:14 went down to the kitchen for a glass or water 9:15 stopped to pet the cats before heading upstairs 9:18 made it back upstairs and sat on the right side of the couch.”


“One partner always gets their way.

For me, it was “easier” to bend over backward than to deal with the whining and complaining if I stood my ground.

Easier is in quotes because it was only easier in the short term – long term made life hell.”


“If someone is always talking s**t about their partner whenever they are not together.

I’ve seen this far too many times, it’s always ended in total disaster withing a few years at most.”

That’s not good.

“My 57 year old colleague constantly has to send videos and pics of him working to his wife.

That’s toxic.”

Not good.

“Inability to take a step back, listen and analyze the other persons point and actually come to a conclusion during a conflict.”

That ended quickly.

“When they say we need to work on our communication, but every time you bring anything up they get mad and start an argument.”

Nothing else going on.

“Someone who does not let you have a life outside of the relationship and gets upset when you see friends or do hobbies you like, even if you make time for them.”


“When the efforts toward the relationship are highly imbalanced, one doing the receiving, the other doing all the giving.”


“Driving home from work you take a detour so the drive lasts longer.

There was a study years ago about commuting long hours in traffic and why some people did it.

Some were to have a bigger house, financial issues etc, but there was a large percentage of workers who it turned out did it because it was the only time in their day where they could have some peace and happiness.”

No respect.

“Constant heated verbal fights, using language where there is a clear lack of genuine respect for one another.”

Like a broken record.

“The constant need to bring up how well they’re doing whenever they’re not fighting…

Only to repeat the fighting cycle.”

Wasn’t worth it.

“I’ve had one seriously toxic relationship. It was terrible.

For me, what the giveaway was simply how I felt. I realized I felt extremely invalidated constantly with my partner. I was constantly confused as to why they were either so angry or how they came to whatever conclusion they came to. Every situation was turned around on me even if I came to them with a valid concern.

And we’d get into arguments that literally went in circles. And it almost always ended with extremely passionate sex with zero resolution of the original issue.

Rinse. Repeat.

“Mindf**k” is what I would best describe being in a toxic relationship. You know it’s bad for you yet you keep coming back for more. And you can’t fully articulate why.

For my family, how they could tell we were in a toxic relationship, is how my partner spoke about me. I didn’t pick up on it but I was told to listen how she talks about me to others.

She would lift herself up while almost simultaneously putting me down. Example: “Yeah, when he’s not with me he’s just a normal guy, but when I show up all eyes are on us.”

Near the end, I noticed I would lie to friends and family about our relationship and/or defend her actions just so they could like her and so I didn’t feel ashamed for staying with someone like that.

I do not recommend. The s** wasn’t worth it.”

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