Some people are born to be go-getters and some just aren’t.

At all. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

But those lazy folks need to work, too!

So what are the best jobs for lazy people?

Here’s what people on AskReddit had to say.

1. A total breeze.

“I worked at a Costco gas station in college.

I was literally just there to hit an alarm if anything bad happened. But it never did.

So I just sat there in an air conditioned shack for 8 hours a day.”

2. False alarm!

“Security jobs.

90% of the time you do nothing.

9% of the time you respond to false alarms.

It’s that 1% where real sh*t is going down that makes it a tough job.”

3. Sounds alright.

“Front desk hotel worker at night.

90% of your time you do about nothing and sit on your phone or computer.

5% of your time is spent talking to like the 5 customers you might see a night

5% of your time spent cleaning or doing paperwork.”

4. Sounds boring.

“Drawbridge operator.

They sit in the tower, watching boats go by and occasionally raising/lowering the drawbridge as needed by means of pushing buttons.”

5. Make it work.

“Process refinement.

A lazy person will find out how to do a complex task with the fewest steps possible.”

6. Takin’ it easy.

“A guy on the surveying crew has the job of watching a surveying GPS unit all day.

He gets dropped off with the unit, sets it up and sits there and makes sure it doesn’t get stolen and that the blue light is still on.

That’s all he does every day…”

7. Not difficult.

“If you can get a job doing Chat Customer Service, nothing I’ve gotten paid for is easier than that.

People chat me about their credit cards and I look up the info and chat them back.

It’s really not difficult at all and it’s nice to be able to help people with their bills!”

8. Think about it.

“Corporate America, mid range.

Work hard enough to find a job that you can do well, do it better than the worst people, but not so good where you’re the one asked to do all the bullsh*t projects. If anyone asks, always talk about how busy you are…but never miss a deadline or due date. Be consistent, but consistently lazy.

Bonus is that there a ton of jobs like this. Study up on your interview skills so you can slide into a new one when the opportunity arises because the only way you get a real pay increase is by moving jobs.”

9. Embassy jobs.

“Working for an embassy.

Had to go to the German embassy last year and let me tell you… none of them has ANY risk of running into an burn out.

I was the only one there, had an appointment AND no. 1 on the ticket counter. The embassy opened at 8.30 and it took them till 9 AM to look up from their screens and pressing the button calling my number.”

10. Easy money.

“When I was a teenager (currently in my 40s), fireworks were only legal to sell in my county for the weeks leading up to 4th of July.

So these vendors would come in and set up a bunch of plywood shacks in parking lots to sell their fireworks.

Now, there are several thousands of dollars of product in these shacks, which can be broken into by anyone who plays little league soccer.

For several years, I got paid $250/night –in cash– for 4 weeks straight to sit in my car in the parking lot watching one of these shacks from 10pm until 8am. If I saw anyone looked like they were thinking about breaking in, I was supposed to call 911.

Easiest money of my life.”

11. I knew someone was gonna say this!

“Representative or Senator.

Great pay and benefits, only work a fraction of the year, and you can keep the job even if you’re objectively terrible at it, so long as you have the right letter next to your name for the district/state you represent, because people are idiots who vote like it’s a sports team, without regard to actual policy or results.”

12. I’ll be watching.

“I know a guy who does a “call before you dig” type job.

When someone is doing work near his companies equipment, he drives out and watches them to make sure they stay away from it. Just watches.

He thinks it’s the greatest job ever.”

What do you think are the best jobs for lazy people?

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