It’s confession time, friends!

I guess it’s better to spill my guts than to live in denial, right?

Here it goes: I’m addicted to…TACOS.

There, I said it. It felt good to get that off my chest.

What are you addicted to?

AskReddit users spoke up. Let’s take a look.

1. Put it down for a while.

“I am so addicted to my phone.

It gets in the way of social interactions, responsibilities, and my sleep schedule.

I know it’s worsening my quality of life but I can’t stop constantly being on it.”

2. You can do it!


Lost a bunch of weight but I’m slowly going back to my old habits.

Trying to stay strong and get back on track.”

3. Nasty habit.


I just love s**king them. I don’t even think it’s a nicotine addiction.

I just love the whole ritual.”

4. A good one.

“Puppers. My dogs, friends dogs, random dogs, dog subreddits, dog videos.

My phone is filled with pictures of dogs, friends dogs, internet dogs and other animals

When I’m traveling and away from home, thoughts of my pupper plagues my mind. My cats too.

Basically just love animals in general to the point where it sometimes determines the decisions of my life.

Not sure if that qualifies as an addiction but if it does I’m glad I don’t have something else more directly life threatening.”

5. The fizzy stuff.

“Coca-Cola or other carbonated drinks.

It’s not constant but at least a few times a week I think about getting a pop and that is ALL I can think about.

My mind will just go blank and that is all that is running through it. At first I said this jokingly but now I’ve noticed it actually might be turning into a problem.

I should note that I don’t drink pop every day, but perhaps once or twice a week. The problem is that when I want one it’s all I can think about in the moment.”

6. Time to get horizontal.

“The couch. My bed. Anywhere cozy I can lie down.

It’s like they have their own gravitational pull…and I’m horizontal again.”

7. Shrooms.

“Mushrooms, non psychedelic.

The health benefits are incredible. I do a lot of shiitake tops in butter and put in in lions main as well. (Look into lions mane) Eat it every night as an after shift snack.

The butter isn’t great for you (better than margarine) but eating a mostly plant based diet I allow myself some “cheating”.”

8. Could be worse.

“Art collecting.

It’s a sickness, albeit a profitable one.”

9. The late shift.


Working third shift has made my tolerance for the s**t very high.

Also sugary snacks to help cure my depression from working third shift.”

10. Obsessed.

“I’m (30F) addicted to affection and attention, to an obsessive level.

My relationship is crumbling just in time for me to notice how performative my actions are every second of every day, as long as those actions get me attention and contact.

I know this is due to extensive childhood trauma and neglect, as a child I learned I needed to be a certain something in order to receive the feeling of security and safety. But as an adult, these actions and drives are infantile and destructive, and I’m seeing the affects first hand, and how codependent I have grown due to it. Especially because of intense people pleasing behaviors I have.

I’m going “cold turkey”, I’m leaving this weekend for a month alone in another city for a break from my home life and my dog, so I have some space to only think about myself for a little bit.

And then when I get back, I’m looking into breaking my portion of the lease and moving out on my own for the first time at 30. I’m terrified of the lack of support and people to fall back onto when I crumble, but I feel like I really need to do this for myself to heal my inner child.

Show that child that this adult is strong, intelligent, and capable, and completely able to fall back and rely on myself.”

11. It’s your thing.

“Window shopping. I always want stuff.

I will put it in my carts then when it’s time to pay I drop or remove everything. I like to rush of having a 10k cart on Amazon being ready to pay then emptying.

Eventually I will accidently purchase, get into massive debt and then bankruptcy after the bankruptcy……Window shopping.

A never ending cycle. Jeff Bezos doesn’t know what will hit him.”

12. Join the game.

“For me it has to be Magic the Gathering.

I love opening packs and building decks. I’ve gotten way better at not spending as much but it’s still a problem.

One day I’ll stop. Hopefully.”

13. Now you have good ones.

“Used to be addicted to c**aine/Xanax/al**hol.

Now I spend my time working and training Muay Thai.

For those of you who think you can’t quit your addictions, you have to find your reasons to.”

14. Can’t stop.

“Sugar. Why must sweet things be so tasty?

The struggle is real. I was able to cut out gluten and dairy, but sugar? Nope.

No one can pry it from me. Sugar free stuff just…sucks. I’ve been decreasing my intake a lot but still can’t manage to mentally cut it out all the way.”

15. OJ.

“Orange juice.

This is not a joke, I’m addicted to 100% natural OJ.”

16. You’re not alone.

“Staring at my phone for hours.

It’s making me depressed but I can’t stop.”

17. Improvement.

“It WAS s**king and drinking. Oh and benzos.

Now it’s running, painting, and cats.”

18. Uh oh.

“Constantly daydreaming and ignoring the real world.

Not a good thing.”

19. Not bad.

“Dachshunds and chapsticks.

I have over 65 different chapsticks and I keep buying more.”

20. The magic elixir.


Oh man, so much. I have other addictions too but I LOVE coffee.

I shudder to think of going without it.”

21. Crazy.

“I’ve lost thousands to Lindt chocolate bunnies in the last year alone.

I buy them in bulk post Easter when they’re on sale so I still feel like I’m up overall, but things are getting out of control.”

22. A strange one.

“Checking my emails. Not necessarily for work either. Anxious? I’m diving right into my emails.

Standing around? You guessed it, i’m checking my email.”

23. Always on.


I’m a chef with ADHD so addicted to my job that i cant function without pressure.

The covid lockdowns really damaged me.”

24. Don’t start.

“I’m hopelessly addicted to kratom.

I started using it to get off of oxy’s, and in that sense it’s been a success. But now I can’t stop and it’s ruining me financially.

If you have an addictive personally do yourself a favor and don’t ever start using kratom.”

25. Two things.

“Red Bull and disassociation from real life by imagining myself as a different and more successful and emotionally well healed version of myself.”

26. Make a run for the border.

“Taco Bell chicken quesadillas. It started out I’d get one whenever I craved one, then I get two at a time. Then everyday I would get 2.

A month ago Taco Bell was closed because they were so short staffed. So I researched how to make their quesadilla sauce at home …..it wasn’t the same.”

Okay, now it’s your turn!

Talk to us in the comments and tell us what you’re addicted to.

Thanks in advance!