I got a long list, friends!

There’s a bunch of stuff I’d like to do that I just haven’t gotten around to yet for one reason or another, but that’s how life goes, right?

Maybe I’ll get to some of them next year…

What can you honestly say you’ve never done before?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Watch your step.

“Been on any sort of roof

I want to go on a roof.”

2. Not for everyone.

“Hardcore drugs.

I do want to at least try shrooms one day or at least an edible or something, when I am both financially and mentally stable.”

3. Don’t do it.


Been cheated on many times but I’ve never done anything with anyone else. Had the opportunity but never did anything.

Stopped them because I was married and in love for 21 years. Divorced now.”

4. Bucket list.

“Never been to the Grand Canyon.

It’s on the bucket list.”

5. Try it once.

“Eaten a Big Mac.

People seem to love them but they’re wholly unappealing to me.”

6. Keep working on it.

“Been in a healthy relationship.

Loved myself.

Believed in myself.

Travelled to Hawaii.”

7. One day…

“Had a threesome.

I almost had a threesome last night.

Just needed 2 more people…”

8. Life of the party.

“Never s**ked weed or ci**rettes, never had al**hol or anything of the sort, and never had s**.”

9. Daredevil.


I’m not afraid.

I’ve just never scheduled it/haven’t done it.”

10. Rude!

“That thing that all TV characters seem to do where they finish a phone conversation by just hanging up.

Seems rude!”

11. Neither have I…

“I’ve never seen The Lion King.

Every single time I tell someone that, they act like I just said I like to eat horse s**t in the morning.”

12. Lucky.

“I don’t want to jinx myself, but I’ve never been pulled over!”

13. The big trip.

“Gone overseas.

I’ve been to another country (Canada), but never been across the great blue ocean.”

14. You’re missing out!

“I have never played any form of physical sport.

Basketball, Football, Soccer, Hockey.

None of them.”

15. Not into it.

“I have never s**ked weed. I’m 29.

It’s honestly just never been something I’ve wanted to do.

No h**e for it whatsoever, just not for me.”

What have you NEVER done before?

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