Okay, it’s confession time, once again.

I am not the greatest parallel parker in the world. I’ve gotten better at it over the years, but I still tend to mess it up if it’s a tight squeeze…and then I drive off in anger around the block to look for another spot.

What’s wrong with me?!?!

What common skill can you NOT seem to master no matter how hard you try?

AskReddit users admitted their shame…let’s take a look.

1. Kind of hard.

“Doing that bridge thing with the deck at the end of shuffling.

I can shuffle, but then I cant like make it shaped like a rainbow and go pfpfpfpfpffttt back down.”

2. Hasn’t changed.

“F*cking cartwheels.

How did every girl at school know how to do them?!

I was like, hell no. I’m gonna break my neck. That was when I was like seven.

Now I am 30. Same stance.”

3. You’re missing out.

“Being able to fall asleep during the day for a power nap.

I just can’t.

My brain won’t settle down.”

4. Hmmm…

“Tying a balloon.

I just can’t and I have no explanation why!

How are you meant to pull the end around your fingers and tuck the end bit underneath so it ties off?

It’s so tight it cuts the blood flow off.”

5. Takes skill.

“Getting all the components of a meal ready at the same time.”

6. It’s hard.

“I don’t know how to socialize in groups of new people.

I’m fine with socializing, just not in a setting where I don’t know anyone.”

7. Let’s boogie.


My body just can’t coordinate with my scumbag brain to be able to dance.”

8. Gotta practice!


I’m a marathon runner and can bike for days.

Would love to do an Ironman, but I swim like a bag full of kittens.”

9. You’re missing out!

“Using chopsticks.

10+ years and I still can’t get that sh*t right.”

10. So, you’re not a chef…

“Making an omelette.

I try and then it goes to hell and ends up scrambled eggs.”

11. Weird.

“Swallowing pills.

For the life of me I just can’t trick my body into getting something down without chewing the heck out of it.

My wife takes her birth control every day and rightfully judges me for my inability to take a d*mn pill…”

12. Just can’t do it.

“Neat handwriting.

Slow or fast, left handed or right, its all cr*p. My 7 y/o nephew has better handwriting than I do.

Coincidentally, I can read ANY quality of handwriting. I had a friend with even worse handwriting than mine and I had to basically “translate” his papers in school.”

13. It might be too late…

“I still can’t put on a bra without putting it on backwards to do the clasp.

I’m incapable.”

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