Life goes by pretty fast, so you might as well do everything in your power to enjoy it as much as possible, you know what I’m saying?

And even if you think you’re young and invincible, I’m here to tell you that YOU WILL GET OLD ONE DAY.

And there’s nothing wrong with that!

The ones who make it old age are the lucky ones!

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about when they realized they were getting old.

Old timer.

“When I heard 50 Cents “In Da Club” jamming on on the oldies station I just about fell out of my chair and broke my hip.”

Never mind.

“I asked a young relative what music she was into, thinking I would be able to impress her with all I know about the “cool” bands.

She listed quite a few and I had never heard of a single one, instantly humbled.”


“My partner will occasionally take a picture of me when I “look just like my mom” and send it to me because he thinks it’s cute and it mortifies me.

Eyeglasses propped on top of my head, peering at my phone, wearing a soft cardigan.

God da**it.”

Bad decisions.

“I hit 49 years of age and my body decided at that point that I’m old.

Every bad decision I made regarding my health came back to bite me.”

All kinds of stuff.

“A bunch of things.

Bent down to pick up my 20 lb pup and threw my back out.

Seeing athletes get drafted into the NFL that were born after 2000. Also watching guys I saw get drafted now retiring.

Wanting peace and quiet instead of parties.

Getting excited about grocery or furniture shopping.”


“My hair has been thinning since my late 20s, but what really ki**ed it is the four little hairs that still stick out my forehead where my hairline used to be.

Added that to my ears, nose, and eyebrow trimming routine.”

Hang on to that one.

“Look at an intact cardboard box you have in your house.

What do you think? If the answer is: Oh, this is a good cardboard box, I should hold on to it, you know it has started.”

Oh, her!

“I was taking to my team (early 20s, I’m basically their parents’ age) about the actress Gillian Anderson and when it didn’t ring a bell.

I said “you know, Agent Scully from X-Files. No one knew X-Files or who Agent Scully was but one of the girls chipped in “oh, the mother from S** Education” and they all clicked.”

That sucks.

“I stepped in a hole in the concrete at the gas station and fell over.

That simple fall to the pavement broke my foot, my ankle, and three ribs.

I’m 56 and now officially old.”


“I saw a young adult YouTuber express genuine horror at the idea of an Internet without algorithms, saying things like “How would you ever find anything?!”, “I’d only ever see the content I’m subscribed to.”, and “The Internet as we know it will be destroyed! We can’t let this happen!”

I was floored.

I h**e modern day Internet algorithms.”

Look at you now.

“My job has an ipad that we use for certain things.

I asked a younger coworker how to adjust the volume, and he said “oh it’s just an ipad. Wait, do you not know how to use an ipad?” & he was genuinely surprised that I’d never used one before.

I’m a millennial. My mom used to say I was tech savvy with my flip phone. Now look at me, pathetic.”

Long gone.

“Sleeping straight through the night is a thing of the past; if it’s not a hip or shoulder screaming at me to roll over, it’s a bladder wanting relief.”

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