When you’re young (and dumb), you can do all kinds of crazy physical things and not think twice about it.

Sports, exercises, falling down on the street: you could just pop right up again and not think twice about it.

But, as you get older, those old bones start creaking and you hurt a lot more…sometimes just from even getting up in the morning…

AskReddit users talked about what they could do easily as kids but not as adults. Let’s see what they had to say.

1. The dreaded monkey bars.

“My last job we had an event where we went to a big field. There was a park right next to it. There were monkey bars there.

I have not tried monkey bars since I was a kid, so I gave it a go. I could not do anything, it hurt so bad just trying to pull my own weight up.

It really took my by surprise.”

2. Time to get flexible…again.

“I was in gymnastics for awhile as a kid and I was very comfortable doing all kinds of tumbling, but I thought about cartwheels the other day and realized that I wouldn’t even know where to start now.

I’m still fairly fit, but the thought of just launching myself forward and upside down seems completely impossible and it was something that seemed so natural when I was younger. And then I started thinking of all the other things I used to do and the freedom of it all and I got wistful and sad.

As of yesterday I’m recovering from lower abdominal surgery, but as soon as I’m able, I’m starting a flexibility program and installing a pull up bar. Maybe by this time next year it’ll feel a little less impossible.”

3. Digestion issues.

“People always talk about your back and knees hurting when you age. Hardly anyone mentions the f*cked up sh*t that goes down with your digestive tract.

I get the worrrrrst indigestion and gas pains now if I eat gluten, dairy, or anything mildly acidic.”

4. Gotta stay busy.

“Do nothing.

If I don’t do some kind of chore, I feel like the day was absolutely wasted.

So I spend my days off working around the house to keep from feeling guilty.

Then I complain I never get a day where I can do nothing.”

5. Bad sleeper.

“Sleep well.

As a kid I would sleep peacefully in any place, no matter how loud it is or crowded or in what weird position my body was.

As an adult it takes me an eternity to fall asleep and every oh so little sound wakes me up.”

6. Run free.


I dream about running.

I would give anything to be able to really run.”

7. Stiff as a board.

“I used to be way more flexible.

I’m literally only 20 and I work out every day, and I’m still feeling stiff as a board.

This getting older thing sucks. I want a refund.”

8. Used to be dreamy.

“Get completely immersed in a movie without thinking about how it’s just a bunch of actors and special effects.”

9. Not so easy these days.

“Be outgoing, charming and slick.

Somehow I lost all these skills growing up.

Now I barely know how to socialize with people, when I used to just be able to walk up to someone as a kid and make friends.”

10. Former martial artist.

“A flying tornado kick.

I was in Korean martial arts as a child and after 4 years of training I could perform a kick where I front kick twist my body in the air and kick with the other leg. Did not think much of time.

Now I realize that I should have been impressed and that was not something most people can do.”

11. It gets harder.

“Sitting with my legs crossed.

Get up from a chair and immediately run.

Touch my toes.

Sleep more than 5 straight hours.

Write legibly.”

12. Language lessons.

“Learn another language, apparently.

I could communicate in 3 languages when I was 3-4 years old, but quickly forgot it all by the time I was 5-6, having lost my opportunity to use it or practice.

Despite studying again for years and taking multiple classes, I just cannot break through being able to actually understand or speak in those other languages beyond a pretty basic level. It’s super frustrating.”

13. Be careful!

“Roller skating.

Used to be pretty good as a kid then didn’t do it most of my teen years.

I tried again in college and ate pavement.”

14. Those were the days…

“Climbing a tree.

I can’t believe I would just climb so many feet in the air by just using my pure strength.”

What could you do easily as a kid that you can’t do now?

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