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1. Well, that’s over.

“He littered.

Just opened his car door and dropped out a McDonalds bag on the ground.

That k**led it right there.”

2. No, thanks.

“Noticed an attractive woman a few times at a local hangout spot. One evening we struck up a conversation. This led to a series of casual hookups.

We’d usually meet somewhere, which kept it light and casual. One night she invited me to her place. Pretty quickly I realized that this was the home of a married couple–couple pictures, etc.

I asked if she was married and she said yes, but it was ok because he was out of town on a fishing trip. I’m not a saint, but it really bothered me because I didn’t consent to have an affair with a married woman. I noped out of there and didn’t look back.”

3. Hurt like hell.

“Told me she likes me back and asked for my number

Led me on for months. Had all her friends there every time we wrote. Eventually the whole class was in on it, nobody told me because I had no friends. Teachers knew about it but didn’t want to get involved because it was a school for snobs and my parents were the only poor ones. My sister was in school too but she didn’t want to get bullies so she kept her head down.

Led me on for half a year. Told me I’m a sweet guy, made me spend hundreds in SMS costs while I was a teenager. Made me get yelled at by my abusive parents because I couldn’t give up texting to the one person who “liked” me.

Invited me to the beach for a date after I told her I hated beaches.

I sat there for about four hours with flowers in hand. I knew it was all over after half an hour but I just couldn’t go home knowing I’d been made a fool of.

I left that school. I made bad choices. Then I made good choices. Now I’m married to someone who actually likes me. Hurt like hell, made me a better man though.”

4. Boundaries.

“We had only gone on a few dates and hadn’t become intimite yet. He came to my house when I had JUST bought my first car and he sat on the hood.

I asked him not to do that, and he just laughed. After a few more times asking and him blatantly ignoring me and mocking me, I dropped him.

If he couldn’t even manage respecting such a small boundary, I wasn’t interested in giving him a chance not to respect others.”

5. Classy!

“We went somewhere and she and her friends pulled into all three handicapped parking spaces.

There were plenty of other spots, but these were the closest.

None of them were handicapped in any way. “Everyone does it,” she said. No, no they do not.”

6. A big no-no.

“Tried to spike my drink even though we met up after my AA meeting. I went to the bathroom and when I came out a waitress came up and said “he just put something in your coffee…”

Dude had the balls to dump Everclear in my coffee, knowing I was coming up on 15 years sober.”

7. Not worth it.

“Had this guy I had been crushing on for years.

Flirted with him every time I saw him, pretty much made it really clear I was interested. He flirted back enough that I figured sooner or later he would ask me out. No. Instead he asked me if I thought my sister liked him and if I would give him her phone number.

Proceeded to make a comment about how “hot” my sister still was for a woman over 40 with 4 kids (she’s a widow). Which made it pretty clear to me that he wasn’t attracted to me at all. Cried over it for days then realized he wasn’t worth it and that was the end of it.

Must admit I was glad my sister wasn’t interested in him though. It would have been hard to deal with had she ended up getting involved with him.”

8. Too soon.

“Keeps letting her kid call me dad even though we’ve only dated about 6 weeks.

The kid is 8.

It’s stressful and I feel awful about it.”

9. Manipulator.

“We had made plans for Halloween, we were supposed to go to a club and meet some friends. She ended up saying she was sick and stayed home.

About a week later, I’m going to drop her off at her house and she told me what she really did on Halloween. She went to a different club with HER friends, not ours.

There was plenty of other issues in the relationship, but that one truth is what made me snap. I just dropped her off without saying anything, and a few days later broke up with her.

I dont think she even cheated, just too much lying and manipulation.”

10. Nothing in common.

“Moved in with her over the summer break and realized that we had nothing in common.

No common interests or hobbies and our lifestyles were completely different and realized that except for flirting and schoolwork we really had nothing to talk about.”

11. You’re driving me insane!

“Constantly calling me while I was on holiday with my friends, making me FaceTime with them during my holiday, me losing sleep because they want to stay up on a call….literally making me go insane.”

12. Not cool.

“I was totally infatuated with this older guy in high school.

Later heard that he and a couple other guys, including my autistic friend, were going to go to McDonald’s after school one day, and they did the thing where every time he got close to the car door handle they’d drive away a little bit, eventually leaving him entirely.”

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