Guys…we’re gonna get down to the nitty-gritty today and hear from the fine folks on AskReddit about things that a lot of men don’t know they can do.

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Good to know.

“Haggle at jewelry stores. Sometimes you might be able to get a cash discount or just maybe a lower price if you ask.

I discovered this when I was a little short on a pendant I wanted to get and the sales person said we can make that work when I let them know how much I had.”

Get out of there.

“Be ab**ed.

In an ab**ive relationship right now.

I really needed to hear someone say that.

It’s supposed to be easy for men.”

Raising ’em right.

“Raise a child without the mom. I lost everything when she left. I just showed up for my boy no matter what.

We bonded beyond anything I thought was possible. The system believes they belong with the mom. This doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Just dig no matter what-forever.

He’s snuggling his girlfriend and puppy on the couch right now…and playing Minecraft (wtf?). Ok I haven’t done it perfectly.”

Talk to someone.

“One thing that many men may not know they can do is to seek out emotional support and counseling when dealing with mental health issues or life stressors.

Many men feel like they need to “tough it out” and not show vulnerability, leading to untreated mental health issues and a lack of support. However, seeking out help can lead to improved mental health and overall well-being.”

Get checked.

“Get breast cancer.

Everyone has some amount of breast tissue naturally and lower chances still doesn’t mean zero by any means.”

Enjoy it!

“I get manicures and pedicures with my wife all the time. What does enjoying your life have to do with “being a man”?

Have honor, have acceptance, be patient, and love. That’s being a man.”

Good one.

“Being a dad even when the child isn’t yours.

My best friends sister was falling on hard times and I just bought a 3 bedroom house. She calls me up one day and asks if her and her 6 year old daughter could move in till things get better. I said sure, no prob. They lived with me for 6 years while her mom went to college, worked, and saved up enough to buy a house.

We were never romantically involved at the time and it never really crossed our minds. When her daughter turned ten, I saw her going through the same struggles I did at that age growing up without a dad. I wanted to do something I wish I had someone do for me. So I sat her mom down and asked if it would be OK if I became “dad” and took that role.

It was a strange dynamic because her mom and I were just good friends and not romantically involved at the time but I was willing to make it work. She said let’s ask her daughter. So we did. My daughter is 23 now and I’m still dad and always will be.

Craziest thing is, after sitting down one day last year her mom and I got to talking and came to the realization that we’ve known each other for 30 years, lived together for 6, parted ways (under good terms) lived our own lives but we always came back together and were constants in each other’s lives. We got married last November and never been happier.”

All of it.


Ask for a hug.

Tell your friends you love them.

Talk to a therapist.”

Sober life.

“Hang out without drinking.

Socializing without drugs or al**hol can be hard when everyone else around you is doing so but as someone who has been clean of weed and al**hol for 6 months, it is much easier to be happy and hold a positive conversation without them.”

It’s a good thing!

“Be friends with women.

I have plenty of female friends and is awesome! And yes YOU might be attracted to them but the more you befriend other women you realize which ones are attracted to you and which ones are not by the way they act around you. Do they laugh at the dumbest s**t you say?

Do they tap you in the arm? Do they go for hugs? Are they down to go out only with you? To restaurants? To get ice cream? Then maybe they’re attracted to you. If they dont do that, the congrats! You have a female friend and is so nice to be able to be more emotionally open and vulnerable to a friend and not just your SO.”

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