You know what I think is weird but other people think is cute?

Beauty pageants for children.

There, I said it.

They just strike me as…weird.

But to each their own, right?

AskReddit users shared what really annoys them that other people think is cute.

Here’s what they had to say.

1. Adorable!

“Pictures of toddlers on the toilet.

I’m still mad about the pic my mom took of me in 1995 when I was 3 going on 4 sitting on the toilet. I was a toddler and she put this in my baby photo album.

In the pic, my expression is quite interesting. I look quite irritated that someone would snap a photo of me in a private moment.”

2. Lame.

“Couple accounts on Tiktok where everything is super staged.

And just couples accounts on any social media platform.

Get your own identity for gods sake.”

3. That sucks.

“How short I am.

People don’t ever take me seriously either because I’m too “cute” or I look like a “kid”.

I’m 25 years old.”

4. Not buying it.

“Facebook posts from people keen to show everyone how great their life is.

It seems like a desperate attempt to convince themselves as much as others.”

5. Creepy.

“My friend’s boyfriend tracks her location and tells her to slow down if she’s speeding on the highway.

She thinks it’s cute and that he’s “protecting her”.

I think it’s creepy and controlling.”

6. Creepy.

“Adults using a baby voice.

I worked with a dentist who talked like this to all of her patients. They all loved her.

She scared the c**p out of me, because it seemed a little on the psychotic side.”

7. What am I watching here?

“Removing the garter at a wedding.

Dude, my family is here, they’re about to watch you basically sniff my crotch, and then they’re going to cheer and clap. That’s f**king WEIRD.

Also, smearing cake on each other’s faces at the wedding. “Let me show you how much I love you by smashing this sugary s**t all over your face!”

Less weird, but still weird.”

8. Terrible.

“Obese pets who can barely move.

It should be considered a**se.”

9. Gross.

“People posting pics of their kids’ embarrassing moments on social media, such as meltdowns or bathroom accidents.

You realize this kid is going to grow up right? And that they have feelings? You think you are sharing your parenting journey with your friends, but you are violating your child’s privacy and treating them like an object.

Would you want pictures of your dirty diapers all over the internet right now?”

10. That’s bad.

“When people post their handles on their cars.

I drove by someone earlier today and in the back window it said ‘Just Married’, then as I stopped next to them, ‘buy the bride and groom a drink! Venmo @…..’ was written on the passenger side window.

That s**t was just so cringey to me.”

11. “Wifey” is bad, too.

“The word ‘hubby’.


I have a physical reaction of repulsion when I hear or read it.”

12. Hmmm…

“People who get their kids clothes that say s**t like ‘ladykiller’ or weirdly s**ual stuff on them.

That’s a 6 month old baby.”

13. Amen!

“F**king wine mom products, man.

We get it, you’re an al**holic who likes to ignore her children.”

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