Oh, boy, how much time do you have, buddy?

I say that because there are A TON of things that are considered attractive these days that really boggle my mind.

But that’s just me!

Let’s hear what the fine folks of AskReddit think about this!


“Buccal fat removal. At least what I’ve seen floating around on the net.

Makes people look like they’ve aged 100+ years, not that aging is a bad thing, but this is just too extreme with the plastic surgery.”

No thirst traps.

“When a guy makes thirst traps on TikTok.

He could be a 10 but that would instantly make him a 2.”

Too perfect.

“I find too perfect teeth to be off-putting.

Too white, too straight, even if they’re not veneers.

I’m all for dental and oral health, but for some reason too nice teeth throw me off.”

Not into it.

“Super buff guys.

Idk why I just don’t like it.

And I like working out, it’s just the super jacked gym bro aesthetic doesn’t do it for me.”


“The “urban cowboy” trend right now.

Hipsters in Stetsons and cowboy boots driving Teslas.”

Let’s be clear.

“Playing hard to get.

Just tell me exactly what you want.

Clear communication is sexy.”


“Long fingernails.

The grossest, most sickening, on men AND women. I want to puke when I see those bayonets on the hands of women with babies or young children.

Filth scoops and eye putter-outers.”

Likes the shy ones.

“Charm. I’ve been with enough narcissists with great pickup lines and jawlines that anything phony or peacocky immediately gives me the willies.

My current crush is a guy who is shy, awkward, and not the type of guy younger me would have noticed. But I’m pretty much madly in love with him because he is the most authentic and humble human being I’ve ever met.

Just sitting next to him, watching him be content being him, neither of us saying a word, is enough to give me the tingles…in a good way.”

Pretty gross.

“Bragging about their wealth.

Weird that people flex so hard just because they can and a lot of people want to befriend them because of what they have. They find it intoxicating and attractive because lots of people are opportunists.

Wish they would be like Keanu Reeves who’s got like $300 million and seems to just be a fly on the wall at times.

He seems very aware of other people’s misfortunes and doesn’t end up walking around like a schmuck.”

What’s that smell?

“Men who wear Jean Paul Gaultier cologne.

I know it’s a top brand, but it smells like baby wipes to me and makes me think of diapers.

I can’t stand it.”

Here’s the list.

“Complete removal of pubic hair. Steroid muscles. Puffed-up lips. Laminated eyebrows.

Hair extensions. Fake eyelashes. Talon-nails. Very thin legs. Exaggerated hourglass figure (sorry but the trend’s gone too far). Too white teeth.”

The short end of the stick.

“Tall men.

It’s not a dealbreaker for me but I do think y’all look kinda weird.

I know a lot of other women who love a tall guy but I find it cute if a guy is short.”

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