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AITA for not putting my shirt back on?

“I (19f) have been going to the gym near consistently since February this year. I’ve lost 18 lbs so far and while I still have 93lbs before I reach my goal, I’ve already gained so much strength and confidence in my body.

I’m 5’7” and 255lbs. I know I’m big but I don’t think it should really affect how I dress. I get sweaty at the gym and the one thing worse than a sweaty bra is a shirt that sticks to you because of sweat. My gym also doesn’t have air conditioning on a low enough temperature for me to avoid getting like this. For reference, my gym doesn’t have a dress code.

As a result, for most of my workouts, I’ve opted to just go in my bra and leggings or shorts. Today was chest and back and I chose to wear my bra and shorts combo. No cleavage is showing, no underwear is peaking out above the shorts, it’s what a lot of the other girls I’ve seen at the gym wear. I’m going through my workout and by the time I get to the bench press I notice some people in the corner giving me the side eye.

I try to ignore them and turn up my music, but I can still see them just staring at me unhappily. I finish a set when one of the girls in the group approach me and asks me to put on a shirt.

She states that it’s unsanitary. I say that I wipe down all the equipment before and after use. She says it doesn’t matter and that I needed to be more polite to other gym members.

At this point I already knew she was most likely talking about not wanting to see my rolls. I get it no one wants to see the fat person jiggle. I sit up and tell her that I’m wearing almost the exact same thing as her friend in the corner (her friend was also in a bra and shorts) and to tell me why she actually wanted me to put on shirt. She got frustrated and said “forget it” before storming off.

I got back to my workout and just finished it. I’m typing this in my car as I wonder if I could’ve handled it better or just complied and put my shirt on. I’ll be honest I have scars from picking at my skin, stretch marks, and a very jiggly body. I know my body isn’t the most flattering, but I don’t believe it gives you the right to demand a person to cover up.


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