There are certain things that poor folks learn about in life that rich people will never, ever be familiar with.

Things that are so far out of the rich folks’ wheelhouses that they are just totally clueless about them.

And today we’re going to hear from people on AskReddit about this interesting subject.

Take a look at what they had to say!

1. FYI.

“You can eat ramen without cooking it.

Often known as ghetto cookies.”

2. Currency.

“Smokeable c**arette butts are currency when you’re poor enough.

Mixing said tobacco with ma**juana in your pipe will make both last longer.”

3. Sad that this needs to be common knowledge.

“When giving someone Narcan to prevent an OD, make sure they’re lying on their back, not their side.”

4. Terrible.

“The experience of being unable to go inside to escape freezing cold for more than 48 hours at a time.”

5. Gotta know the spots.

“Knowing the location of every church, library, police station and shelter within walking distance.”

6. Hard on the feet.

“That two weeks on the street will completely destroy your average pair of shoes.”

7. In the dark.

“How long it takes for the power company to shut your lights off if you’re late on the bill.”

8. Life tip.

“Cardboard is an excellent insulator and will keep you warm on the street if you’ve got nothing else.

Pad the ground before you cover yourself.

You’ll lose most of your heat to the concrete otherwise.”

9. Survival.

“What to do if you’ll ever find yourself in a month without money.

Everybody can lose money and become poor,but it feels a bit more ‘safe’ if you already went through it and know how to survive with as few as possible.”

10. Sad.

“If you get hungry enough you get dizzy and shakey, so going to sleep is the best solution, with the added bonus that you don’t feel hungry for a while after you wake.

I’ve gone several days without food on a number of occasions, just tap water and sleep was my favourite meal.”

11. Awful.

“The feeling of watching all your friends go on a field trip without you because your parents couldn’t afford it.”

12. Dreading it.

“Watching all your friends get excited about the scholastic book fair but your dreading it because you would LOVE some of the stuff there.

It even hits hard as an adult when people talk about their great memories around it, because those are bad memories for you.”

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