“They” say we should feel insecure or self-conscious about so many things, but what if we all just…stopped?

Not about the important things, maybe but these people have some ideas of stuff we could definitely stop making feel bad about like, today.

1. It is what it is.

Dark eye bags

I like my eyebags I am just tired of people giving me unsolicited advice about it. I am also tired of others telling to use makeup to hide them, like no thank you.

2. Dancing is supposed to be joyful.

One thing I will never make fun of someone for is how they dance. I don’t care if they dance “white” or if they have no rhythm or if they’re just moving side-to-side; if they’re having fun, that’s literally all that matters.

Making fun of someone who’s having fun will kill that fun, and I refuse to be a killjoy.

3. People are never happy.

*not * being active on social media… get off my back

Odd how important it’s become, more odd that some folks assume other folks think it’s equally important

4. Everyone has different dreams.

I’m a cleaner and I’ve literally had people say to me after I tell them; ‘so you studying or what are you looking to do?’ ‘i’d never clean toilets’ and the worst one was ‘so, just haven’t found your dream job yet?’

Like, no, Greg. I’m OCD and have ADD, this is my dream job. I’m on my feet all day, I get to make things perfect and the satisfaction is incredible for my mental health, I’m able to support myself and my son and and I also get to help the elderly and disabled, who wouldn’t want to have that chance on a daily basis.

Also, clean your fucking toilet Greg. It’s nasty as hell.

5. A real issue.

Mental health struggles.

There’s nothing wrong with taking time to figure out what process works for you, despite what other people tell you.

Mental health / mental illness is a real issue for a lot of people, and society in general has a hard time understanding them and are quick to judge, making the ones who struggle with it feel insecure about asking for help and getting treatment.

Shame this stigma still exists in 2021.

6. You have to take care of yourself.

Not having relationships with some or all family members.

Some people just suck, and someone has to have the misfortune of being related to them.

7. Boring jobs pay bills, too.

Your job. Too many people are elitist about someone’s occupation and look down on essential workers.

I have a stable, relatively well paying job as an accountant and I have had several comments from friends and family making fun of me or making snide comments about how boring my job/life is like I’ve totally sold out because I’m not a teacher or an artist.

I think because it’s such a safe career choice they feel like they’re not punching down but it just makes me feel really lame and embarrassed.

8. It takes all types.

Being too shy to jump into conversations!

I have become so discouraged from talking at all.

9. Everybody poops.

Bowel movements! As someone with IBS, it happens a lot. Yes I was in the restroom for 20 minutes. There’s nothing I can do about it.

It’s much harder on me than it is on you.

10. Not everyone can afford braces.

Crooked teeth. They grew In that way and my parents (divorced) both had insurance on me, but argued over whose responsibility it should be.

Well now it’s mine but I can’t afford it.

11. Let people be happy.

Excitement. Let people be excited about shit. Let them like things you don’t. Let people express powerful positive emotions. And cry. And get deep into how to show anger respectfully.

The worst feeling is being super excited about something and then getting put down for it. Makes me want to burst into tears when it happens and it makes me want to do it when I see it happen to others too.

That type of embarrassment is hard to handle and recover from.

12. Let people like things.

Everything that doesn’t harm others but makes the person happy. Be silly, enjoy yourself. Make snow angels in the rain, I don’t care.

13. It takes all of us.

Their jobs. If you clean/fix sewerage pipes, then thanks for your service. Someone must have the balls to do it.

There are few people more responsible for the clean, relatively disease free, safe, modern world we live in than sanitation workers.

This includes janitors, street cleaners, garbage workers and anyone who cleans up after the rest of us.

I have as much respect for them as I do fire fighters and EMTs.

14. There is power in silence.

Being quiet.

“You never say anything” is such a weird way to both draw attention to someone and give them nothing to work with.

i understand being quiet is not a “meditation” for everyone, but damn. not having endless mental chatter is wonderful. not having endless verbal chatter directed AT YOU without room to respond is good, too.

15. And forget trying to apologize.

Making any kind of mistake.

Social media has created an illusion that everyone has to be perfect.

16. This is a good one.

The way someone laughs.

This world is cold and unforgiving. Laughing makes it all a little less heavy. Who gives a f*ck a what it sounds like?

I’ll never forget in high school when I was laughing in Spanish class. The girl in front of me turned around and went, “ew girl, you got an ugly laugh” and EVERYONE started laughing with her.

It’s been 15 years and I’m STILL self-conscious of my laugh because of that.

17. I feel this in my old bones.

Aging and the unavoidable physical changes that come with it.

18. College isn’t for everyone.

Trade school/gap years- college right after hs isn’t for everyone. even Some of my smartest friends- top of my class should’ve taken a gap because they burned themselves out getting 95-97% avgs throughout HS.

I never should have jumped into college. I went for something I was talked into (because it paid a lot), was miserable, changed majors, still wasn’t happy. Graduated with a degree, 13 years ago, that I never used.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I needed time to figure it out. And money isn’t all that matters.

19. It’s called hormones, folks.

having acne, it doesn’t mean you’re dirty or don’t wash your face.

it’s simply a skin condition some people get and some people don’t.

20. It just means you need time alone to recharge.

Being an introvert doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with people.

21. Can I get an amen.

Needing mental health treatment.

Even if that treatment includes medication.

I get so many weird backhanded comments when people find out I take psychiatric medication.

I hate that people think of it as the “easy way out” and view me as giving up or being weak.

22. Everyone is different.

Your choice of career.

Another one: not having having a dream career.

23. Everyone should have access to that space.

Exercising in public. To me anyone giving it a go, no matter their physical ability, deserves praise!

Honestly from my experience most gym rats are the most encouraging to heavy people. A few of the guys I used to “work out with” (just be at the gym the same time every morning) kinda made it a point to say small comments to this very heavyset guy that worked out at the same time as us in the morning “you got this brother.”

“Keep up the good work man” “you’re looking good man.” This guy’s face always lit up and he always pushed harder when anyone encouraged him.

24. Learn to say “I’m sorry.”

Being wrong. It’s okay to be wrong, just be open to learning. Instead of doubling down or getting angry.

People would be a lot smarter if we could all just admit when we don’t know, or when we have been wrong about something!! There is always room to grow, and it’s more than okay to change your mind.

25. People can’t help it.

Baldness. It doesn’t seem to be as common for it to happen naturally with women, but for men and women, it can be a really sore subject, especially if it starts happening at a fairly early age.

You could be in control of every other aspect of your life, but if you start losing hair early, it can take the wind out of your sails.

I vote we all make an effort, what do you say?

What’s something you wish you could stop feeling bad about today? Tell us in the comments!