If there’s a hot-button issue these days that really gets people all worked up, it’s children and what they’re being taught.

And that makes sense, right?

They are the future, after all…

So what do we need to stop teaching kids?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. It’s okay.

“Remind them they do not have to be friends with everyone, and that it is okay to have disagreements or conflicts with others.

You can encourage your son/daughter to be respectful and to try to resolve conflicts peacefully, but to also understand that not everyone will agree or get along all the time.”

2. False!

“If he’s mean to you, he likes you.

I tell my daughter, “it doesn’t matter if he likes you, if he’s not kind he’s not worth your time.””

3. Good point.

““Stranger Danger”.

It has some decent basic principles about safety, but the unfortunate truth is we need to teach children how to detect if adults in their life are treating them inappropriately just as much as strangers.”

4. Breeds resentment.

“To accept collective punishment. Whomever did something to get in trouble for is who gets the punishment.

So many teachers do this to kids and it just breeds resentment for both the teacher and the kid who keeps getting the whole class in trouble.

I dont want my kids to be prepared to accept this as adults, and just deal with it from the govt, society, their employer, etc.”

5. I remember this one…

“That adults know everything.

The amount of parents/teachers/others that just tell kids things with the explanation of “because I know best” is harmful.

I love when a kid or student asks me a question I don’t know- it means we can explore it together (which is also why I will never “lock up my phone” when teaching despite principals saying it “distracts”. It’s a research tool!).

I also admit when I make a mistake, or when I’m unsure of a certain topic/lesson. I explicitly state that I’m not good at this, but I researched some good lessons online and asked other teachers for help.”

6. Important.

“That play ends when you reach adulthood.

Play is important, even as adults.”

7. Blame it on cartoons.

“That ugly = bad/evil.

I partially blame TV animation for this one though.

This often makes kids fear elderly people and make unfair connections between appearance and personality.”

8. No means no.

“Boys, don’t hit girls. Girls, don’t hit boys.

Should be taught equally. Obviously there are exceptions like self defense.

Also, boys, no is no. Girls, no is no.”

9. Ridiculous.

“Abstinence only s** education.

Please teach these kids about contraception and how it works, it’s been proven that comprehensive s** education is way better at preventing teen pregnancies than abstinence only.”

10. I was scared…

“That doctors are scary.

Many parents threaten their kids with the doctor when kids don’t listen to them.”

11. Not all the time.

“Family is everything.

No, sometimes their trash and need to be let go of.”

12. Help them grow.

“That everyone should be friends with everyone.

Some people will not like you. You will not like some people. That is a good thing.

Challenge fosters growth, and our differences help us to learn and experience life outside our own experience.

You don’t need to be friends with everyone, you just need to be able to approach conflict in level-headed and reasonable manner.”

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