Oh, man

I find a lot of things to be pretty cringeworthy that other folks apparently don’t.

I call it EFO (Embarrassment for Others) and it’s all around me!

But enough about what I think…

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Gross.

“Parents who enter their kids in child beauty pageants are super f**ked up IMO.

Also parents who try to make their kids Instagram / TikTok famous.

Also the entire concept of “influencers”.”

2. Rude.

“Having a casual conversation on your phone in front of other people. Like a group you’re with or in a car.

I think it’s rude by doesn’t seem like anyone else does.”

3. For real.

“Saying “This!” on every comment and reply under the sun.

It adds nothing valuable whatsoever to anything.”

4. No more, please.

“The floss dance move.

Something about it is especially awkward.”

5. What’s going on here?

“When girls contour their face to the point where their face color doesn’t even remotely match their neck or the rest of their body color.”

6. It’s not easy.

“Having to make a résumé.

I don’t wanna sound like a narcissist, and I don’t wanna sound useless.

It’s so hard to find a balance.”

7. On the same page.

“Almost all of the music my friends listen to.

They feel the same way about what I listen to, though, so it’s all good.”

8. Way down yonder…

“The whole “country” thing. I cringe at all of it.

The stereotypical songs with the Chevy and the dog and the girl you snagged from the bar. The cowboy hats. The whole “I’m a country boy” deal. I just…it bothers me. I don’t know why. I just don’t like it.

I must add though. I live in the country. Surrounded by crops. I enjoy being able to ride my ATVs anytime I want without the fear of police or neighbor’s being upset. Country living isn’t bad, I just can’t stand the stereotype for some reason.”

9. Let ’em be kids.

“When parents of little kids see their child interact in literally any way with someone of the opposite s** and they go “Omg you’re in love you’re gonna get married!!!!!” as if little kids can’t just be little kids.”

10. It’s very weird.

“Social media personality shaping.

A lot of younger people can’t see it bc they grew up in it, but as someone in his mid 30s I remember before MySpace came out and I have seen the changes in culture. I remember when trends were local and your identity was based on your own experiences.

Too many people today base their personalities off of experiences they’ve read about but never had. It’s weird and shows a lack of ability to discern reality from fantasy, and worse yet, it makes it too easy to assume the worst about people that you don’t know.

Our brains are hardwired to pay attention to danger to prevent bad things from happening to us, now we get 7-10 stories per minute of horrible things that happened somewhere hundreds or thousands of miles away and we have people basing their entire worldview on it.

Not to mention any of the nefarious and corrosive ways it has lead to beautiful women hating their bodies and faces because they don’t wake up looking like a fully made up, completely photoshopped, nearly inhuman looking version of the top 1% of current beauty standards.

It’s…. gross, banal, corrupting, and really disappointing.”

11. Worship.

“People worshiping celebrities with literally no talent or ability to do ANYTHING.

Just born into billions and famous for NOTHING.

Can’t act, can’t sing, can’t write, can’t think, can’t speak coherently…”

12. Allow me to narrate.

“People who make Instagrams/ social accounts for their pets, but narrate the account as the animal.

Weirds me the f**k out.”

What do you find cringeworthy that other people don’t?

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