I’ve gotten rid of a lot of stuff over the last several years that I’d literally held onto for the last 20 years.

Records, books, old newspaper clippings, etc.

For some reason, I just couldn’t bear the thought of dumping it…until I started running out of room…

What do you have way too much of?

AskReddit users spoke up.

1. Wild kingdom.

“Pets in general for me. 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 cage birds, 1 opossum.

This is the low end for us.

We previously had 3 dogs, 3 cats, 2 cage birds, 3 chickens. At another time we had about 14 pets including foster kittens.”

2. Gives me anxiety.

“My Gmail inbox currently has 99,491 unopened emails.

I don’t open them and don’t delete them.

It’s been over 9 years.”

3. Staying warm.


They’re my favorite article of clothing and I own 25-30ish.”

4. I’m jealous!

“Hot sauce.

About 120 bottles…I have no food in my fridge, send help.”

5. Wow.


I have a deep love of the stuff, but I am not an avid drinker by any means. I maybe have 2 or 3 drinks a week. People keep gifting me bottles, which is great, but leaves me with too much.

I just went and counted. I have 6 open bottles that I have sampled, and 39 unique, sealed bottles of scotch that I haven’t gotten into yet. I also have several duplicates. 53 bottles in total.”

6. Tons of TVs.

“32” Televisions. I have 50 of them still remaining.

Hear me out: it was a good deal, a recreation lodge was refurbishing, the auction was cheap, under $20 per TV. I wanted to build a TV wall, surely others could use em, etc.

Now? They’re party favors.

You’re the electrician who helped me get the new hot tub run finished? Cool, want a tv or two!

Show up for a toga party? Don’t forget your free tv!

Your computer monitor broke? Here, it has a vga hookup, use the tv to hold ya over.

Your dog died? My condolences, watch the memorial videos on this tv.

Oh you might be in the hospital for a bit for an operation? Don’t worry, i got you set, take this TV and watch all your shows.”

7. That’s a lot!

“Cats. I blame my dad.

They are all rescues from the road or a field, or a few that just showed up at the house one day (we’re rural). Don’t get me wrong, it’s totally the right thing to do.

But we got a lot of cats now. We got 14 cats.”

8. They’re taking over.


I have 4 kids and toys are taking over my house.

Most of them are pieces of random toy sets that are useless on their own, too.”

9. Impressive.


I have 164 of them and I have been collecting since high school.”

10. Cool!

“I have A LOT of coffee cups.

I just find it hard to get rid of them because I really do have fun choosing which one I will use each day.

I also really do think about the places I’ve been when I use them.”

11. What do you expect?

“Chicken s**t, it’s everywhere.

It’s on the sidewalk, driveway, porch, grass, decks….. just everywhere.

Kinda expected though, we do have over 700 chickens.”

12. You might want to stop.

“Pepsi Blue.

When it first came out in like 2002 or around that time, my sister and I drank it constantly during a Florida vacation. I missed it so much, that I was considering bidding on an old bottle on eBay a few years back. At the start of this year, it randomly popped into my head, and I googled it to find out that it was being rereleased in summer 2021.

When the time came, my sister and I drove to 6 different locations cleaning them out. Spend like 350 bucks during that first weekend trying to stock up before it disappeared again forever….. then I realized that soda has a relatively quick expiration date. I began drinking two a day to get through them, and I still am not half way.

It used to take me back to my childhood on the beach, but now, it just tastes like chemicals.”

13. Fire up the crockpot!

“Beans. I just have so many cans.

I forgot I had like 2 8 packs in the pantry, then there was a sale on at the shops and I just forgot I had beans already, so I bought more beans and yeah… now I have too many beans.”

Okay, now it’s time for you to confess…

Tell us what you have way too much of!

Do it in the comments, please!