Do you think you need booze to make a party fun?

Well, if you do, I want you to remember what parties were like when you were a little kid…

No booze in sight, just kids having a great time and being high on life!

And these AskReddit users think you can do that even if you’re an adult!

Take a look at what kinds of ideas they have up their sleeves.

1. This is war.

“Nerf gun war.

Im talking pillow forts. team captains. Strategy. Stealth.

The whole 9.”

2. Theme party!


Whether it’s themed food, costumes, decor… doing something out of the ordinary helps!”

3. All about lighting.

“Change the lights.

Nothing k**ls the party vibe like bright overhead lights. Turn down the lights, set up some string lights, get a disco ball, swap out the bulbs in your lamps with colored bulbs.

Just do something so that your living room says “party” and not “living room”.”

4. If you say so.

“Hire a magician or a clown and add a pinata and a mariachi band.


Your friends will be talking about this for months!”

5. Get out the phone book.

“The Phonebook* Game.

Put a phonebook on the floor, and two quarters, on opposite sides of the book, about a foot away. Now two players stand face to face on the book, and each one has to get one of the quarters without stepping off.

Once everyone has a turn, add another book. Go until there’s only one couple left. Oh, and you cannot get on the book with whoever you came to the party with. Super fun at Halloween parties, when everyone is in costume.”

6. Sounds fun.

“Step 1: Find the worst low-budget horror movie possible.

Step 2: Watch it for about 15 minutes then pause it.

Step 3: List out all the characters you’ve seen and have everyone write down which characters they expect are going to d** and in what order.

Step 4: Unpause the movie. The person with the most accurate predictions wins.

You’ll get people shouting “GET HER” at the screen because they’re banking on whatever person being k**led off to win them the game.

I did it with a friend while watching Thanksk**ling and it was glorious.”

7. A big hit.

“Get some cheap pumpkins and let everybody chop them up with a sword.

Super fun if you throw the pumpkin at them and they hit it with a sword midair.

Did that at our pumpkin decorating party last weekend, it was a hit.”

8. That’s all you need.

“Good food, good music, lots of games.

And of course a good crowd of people.”

9. You know it!


Every party I’ve been to where we do karaoke becomes wild.”

10. Fire!

“For my nephew’s 18th birthday candle, we drug our Christmas tree into a creek behind the house and then tied speaker wire to it connecting it to the deck.

We made a hook holding burning fire starter and seeeeeent it. It made 20 foot flames and the kids f**king loved it. We told the neighbors in advance and had hoses ready.

10/10 no al**hol.”

11. Bad movies are the best!

“Bad movies.

Making fun of bad movies is always fun.The Room, Red Sonja, Samurai Cop 2.

We also love Flash Gordon, which is an absolute masterpiece and I will hear nothing to the contrary.”

12. Could be fun…

“Give the party non-alcoholic beer and not tell anyone.

And watch the placebo effect run wild…”

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