The times, they are a changin’…

And in this case, I’m specifically talking about gender roles and how people define themselves.

Take a look at how folks on AskReddit answered when they were asked “what do you wish was normalized for your gender?”

1. It’s true.

“Men’s mental health.

People don’t understand how bad it is a lot of the time for a huge amount of guys.

We keep it in until it kills us or it is unleashed and we’re the bad guys.”

2. The time is now…

“Wearing kilts.

I guess it kinda is, but you’ll get weird looks.

Kilts make more sense for men. It lets your junk breathe.”

3. You do you.

“I’ve recently started sitting down to pee about 50% of the time.

I finally realized I have a choice as a man and sitting down and scrolling my phone just for a pee is just such a nice break in the day.

When you stand up it’s all business. Get in, get out. Sometimes I want my pee break to be a break.”

4. Not into it.

“Not having a desire to get married and have a family.

I’m just not a nurturing person, not everyone has to be.”

5. I’ll be fine.

“Doing anything alone. I like to be alone.

Hike alone, travel alone, camp alone.

Then I get scolded because it is dangerous.”

6. Let’s get deep.

“Expressing emotions and having friendships that go deeper than “So you like video games and sports?””

7. Kind of unrealistic.

“Not being totally one hundred percent confident, assertive, aggressive, and capable at all times

I just don’t have that kind of unlimited self-esteem.”

8. Lookin’ sharp.

“I wish dressing nice in clothes that fit as a man didn’t equate to most people as being gay.

It’s just such a truly bizarre phenomenon that makes no sense.

Normalize straight dudes dressing correctly.”

9. Don’t touch my bag.

“Little bags. I have a fanny pack that I wear as a “backpack”. I just sling over my shoulder so it often just slides down to my sad and looks like a purse so I’m uncomfortable using it sometimes because purses are for giiiirls.

I mainly use it at work or for class. I keep my wallet, phone, charger, calculator, tape measure and pencils Inside. I only keep those and my clipboard filled with blank paper for notes and such. So I don’t feel the need for a back pack, it’s a bit much.”

10. Body image.

“Accepting a not-model-tier body.

I’m a boy and I’ve been told so many times that I should get some abs, as well as my arms are too small or I’m a little too thin. When I was heavier I was made fun of that as well.

Literally nothing is good enough besides lean, toned, muscular, zero-fat, all muscle. But not too much muscle.”

11. Good point.


Seems weird that it’s fine for the gender that DOESN’T lose their hair.”

12. Romantic.

“I think reading/watching romance should be normal for guys.

What I mean is emotional romance where focus is not on s** but feelings of people.

I h**e it that people believe this sort of content is only meant for women and I h**e hearing guys say I hate romance in movies and books.”

Now it’s your turn.

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