I have made a promise to myself that I will go surfing in the next five years.

Whatever it takes, I want to at least try to learn how to do it.

I know I’ll most likely never be any good at it, but I think it looks like the most incredible experience, so I want to give it a shot.

And surfing is something I wish I was really good at.

What do you wish you were good at?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Practice makes perfect.

“Memorizing chord progressions.

One of the reasons I spend less time playing guitar is because I’m always f***ing up the chord/Phrase sequence.”

2. A good goal.

“Being happier.

Being more mindful of what makes me happy and then feel those feelings.”

3. Over here!

“Being able to whistle.

This would help immensely when trying to find someone in a crowd.”

4. You might have a career in it.

“Vocal impressions.

I have a few. I’m really good at Kermit, and I do a pretty decent Quagmire.”

5. Sounds pretty good.


You can work from home, they make a s**t load of money and you write a program for just about anything.”

6. Hard work.


Seems like it could help me in a lot of other areas but I think the fact that I h**e it so much keeps me from doing it enough to get good. I was in the military and logged thousands of miles but I h**ed every step.

Tried tricking myself into loving it and still didn’t work. I never felt that runners high that all the runners talk about.”

7. A true artist.


I’m okay, but I don’t feel good enough to be a pro.

I’d love to be good enough to make it a truly profitable career.”

8. Keep workin’ on it.


I spent all my life studying and I chose reading and a close circle of friends over learning how to socialize with different kinds of people. Especially the opposite gender.

I’m not even attracted to them, but I was raised in this mentality that I should keep away from boys, because “what would the teachers think?” So now I am in a class with 20 boys and 6 girls. Lucky me.

To clarify: I’m a sophomore in high-school, but in my country it’s quite similar to the American college experience. You have to take a few tests and based on the results you either get in your dream high-school or not.

You also get to choose a “major”, although you only get four options that prepare you for certain majors later in uni: science, mathematics-informatics, philology and social sciences.”

9. A long road.


I’m striving for a career but there’s a long road ahead of me.

I only really know the basics right now.”

10. Dancing queen.


I’m learning on my own as I go along, but I just wish I started earlier.

I do drag sometimes so I’m always working on new choreography.”

11. Unprepared.

“Life. Just knowing what to be prepared for.

Every time I get comfortable there is a curveball I’m not ready for. Finally settled in a dream job? Laid off. Married and settled? Separation. Settled to separation and in a good career grove? Covid shuts down my industry.

Back on my feet, have a great job and want to have a house and dog again? Housing market sucks. I can roll with punches but tired off it.”

12. The gift of gab.

“To be a gifted story teller.

Some people can make the most mundane event sound charming, exciting and funny.

Not me, I go off in multiple directions, lose my train of thought and maybe even forget my point.”

What do you wish you were good at?

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