I have a long list of jobs that I have respect for but that I’d never be able to do.

Here are just a few of them: brain surgeons, firefighters, and any kind of pilot.

Hats off to those men and women!

But I just wasn’t built that way, I guess…

Now let’s see what folks had to say about this on AskReddit.

1. A tough one.

“People who work on long term care or hospice care.

That is a thankless job that can really wear on your soul.”

The people who do it deserve way more than they get for doing it.

2. Problems…


I respect them because they’re kind enough to listen to all of our problems but I have enough problems of my own to listen to other people.”

3. No way.

“Child care worker.

I’m a parent but I have no desire to look after a room full of children much less educate them.

I do not have the motivation or patience.”

4. Heroes.


Those folks have balls of steel going into areas with bugger all visibility, wearing heavy clothing and BA kit, dragging along hoses and other kit, not knowing what they are heading to and how structurally safe the place is.

Seeing and dealing with all sorts of s**t.”

5. Can’t go back.

“Kitchen and waitstaff at restaurants.

I did it for five years and made a pact with myself to never go back.”

6. Down and dirty.

“Plumbers I know that they make much bigger differences in people’s lives than I ever will and I respect the hell put of them but it couldn’t be me.”

7. Kings of the road.

“Truck drivers.

Nothing would exist without them.

I would still love to be one but can’t pass the medical exam, so won’t happen unfortunately.”

8. On the farm.


That s**t is a 24/7 job and someones gotta do it, and it certainly ain’t me.”

9. A tough job.

“Police officer.

They have a tough job and I (for the most part) appreciate what they do for our society.”

10. Doing good work.

“Waste management, sanitation workers and public transport drivers (e.g. buses/trains).

I will always have so much respect for and do my best to be extra nice to them for all they do.”

11. Amen!

“Garbage man.

If they don’t work, diseases spread and cities become inhabitable.

They should earn a lot more of money.”

12. Couldn’t do it.

“Teacher/instructor of any sort.

It’s a double-edged sword: on one hand, I genuinely feel teachers have a calling to it and have the patience of saints but are drastically underpaid, undersupported, persecuted by the public for things they don’t understand (here in the USA, anyway), and I fear for their safety.

The other side of it is all me: I’ve worked with young children in a college work study program and it is definitely not for me. I also hate speaking in front of groups, even small crowds. I am far better as support staff or one-on-one instruction than I ever would be in a classroom.

I’m glad and grateful those that can do it. I simply could not. I ended up going into allied health, doing work for patients behind the scenes.”

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