It can be hard to eat healthy, right?

And sometimes people THINK they have a healthy diet but they’re actually filling their bodies with food that isn’t good for them at all.

And AskReddit users had some thoughts about this.

Let’s take a look at what they had to say.

1. Gotta find the right one.

“Looking through the various yoghurt’s nutritional information while trying to find a good High-protein Greek Yoghurt recently was very eye-opening.

The majority of them were pretty much just softer ice cream.”

2. Mom!

“Mom keeps buying me anything labeled Keto from Costco, cause they are more expensive and looks healthy like “no sugar added!” or “gluten free!”.

Had to tell her, yeah but look at the saturated fat content… if you’re not on Keto diet and you eat Keto food, might as well just suck on butter sticks…”

3. Is it a scam?


Will also permanently damage your wallet.”

4. Drink up!

“Jamba Juice.

The smoothie I get during particularly bad hangovers on Doordash has like 970 calories.”

5. This is healthy, right?

“Vitamin Water.

Unless they are considering sugar to be a vitamin, that’s all you’re basically getting.

Just as much fructose as Coke.”

6. Who eats these?

“Veggie Straws.

A surprising number of people didn’t check the back of those packages.

They’re just Pringles with a little bit of vegetable dust in the potato chip mix.

People actually think they’re just eating salty crispy vegetables.”

7. Panera.

“Panera Bread…healthy “clean” ingredients.

It’s full of salt, sugar and processed c**p.”

8. But I love them…

“Muffins (even bran) and banana bread.

Those things have as many calories per slice/serving as pizza.”

9. Sorry, folks…

“Sweet potato fries.

Both fries and sweet potato fries are deep fried nothing is changing except the type of potato.”

10. Whatever you say…

“I used to work in a place with a salad bar.

You have no idea how many people would say “I’m just having the salad bar, I’m on a diet” but then proceed to put three or four lettuce leaves on the plate underneath a pile of cheese, ham, and ranch dressing.

By the way, Ranch dressing is mostly mayonnaise.”

11. I’ll take your word for it.

“Vegan food.

“Vegan” is not interchangeable with “healthy”. Veganism is an ethical lifestyle, not a diet.

I’ve been vegan over 4 years and haven’t lost a pound.”

12. Oh, boy…

“Fried fish.

I know people who’ve been put on a poultry and fish diet who think that fried fish or fried chicken is somehow more healthy than red meat.”

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