Prepare to get GROSSED OUT, my friends.

Because today AskReddit users went on the record and talked about what they think gets grosser the longer they think about it…


Get started now and see what they had to say.

1. Thanks for the visual.

“The digestive system.

Technically a hole through your body.”

2. Ugh.

“Funerals are the biggest scam to make you feel bad about not spending money on a loved one.”

3. Disgusting.


You use it to clean your dirty mouth, everyday, hopefully twice.

Then leave it to sit in the bathroom until you use it again, just using water to rinse it off.”

4. You have them!

“Eyelash mites.

The fact that the base of your eyelashes is a giant forest for these tiny little creatures.

Yes you have them.”

5. Won’t eat those again…

“Suckers / Jolly Ranchers / Life Savers / etc are just you flavoring your own spit and then drinking it.”

6. Drink up!

“The fact that if you drink a cup of tap water it’s been through at least 10 human bodies before you, obviously it’s been treated and cleaned but still pretty weird to think its been inside several other people before you.”

7. Let’s make out.

“Kissing. It’s f**king weird.

Let me briefly open my squished up mouth on your skin to show you my affection.

Or, let’s spend a few seconds smushing our dirty face holes together because we love each other. Weird.”

8. Choose your seat wisely…

“Using public toilets.

Even when they look clean, you know at least a dozen strangers bare butts have just been sitting there before you.”

9. I hope these are clean…

“How many other mouths restaurant eating utensils have been inside, or wondering how well they’ve been cleaned before using them yourself.”

10. Human cesspool.

“Public swimming pools.

You are swimming in a bleach-bowl full of each other’s d**d skin and hair, as well as all the dirt and pollution collected on the human body.

Don’t forget any bodily fluids that wasn’t cleaned properly if at all. It’s gross. Public swimming pools are gross.”

11. Disturbing.

“If I’m cutting up some chicken for dinner, if I think about what I’m doing, it gets more disturbing.

I can blank my mind to it, but I understand why people go vegan when I’m cutting up raw chicken and think “Now I’ll pull out this vein here and remove this silvery membrane from the thigh muscle….”.”

12. Filthy.

“Think of all the things we touch that rarely or don’t ever get washed:



Dollar bills and credit cards

Cell phones


Steering wheels

Door knobs


We touch these things every day without considering what’s accumulated on them.

When you buy food at a restaurant or a food stand, do you take the time to wash your hands before eating whatever you bought? Most of us don’t. So whatever germs were on your wallet or the money is on your food and in your mouth, too.

Do you use your phone while you eat? Do you also use your phone while on the toilet? You know what that means!”

13. You’re not wrong…

“How about the simple fact that (a common form of penetrative) s** is sticking a part of the body into a hole in another person’s body, then sliding it around a bit until some warm sticky goo comes out.

And yet we go to so. much. effort. to engage in this behavior.”

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