Wow, this one could go in a bunch of different directions.

Because you how quickly trends pop up and then disappear…and then there are always people who love to point out that they did it first and they did it better.

And here we are…

People on AskReddit opened up about what they think was ruined because too many people started doing it.

Here’s what they had to say.

1. Used to be good.

“RetailMeNot and other coupon sites.

Used to be a surefire way to save money while shopping, nowadays I can’t remember the last time I found a useful coupon code online.

That’s if you actually find coupon codes. They’re all just a list of the site’s sales.”

2. Wow.

“Climbing Mount Everest.

A serious answer. That mountain has so many bodies on it that is basically a vertical open air graveyard.”

3. Tourist traps.

“Never share a hidden natural wonder with tourists, unless you want to enhance the scenery with ticekt gates, souvenir shops, several cars and buses, tons of tourists, and the litter they drop.

Stonehenge and Trolltunga know what I’m talking about.”

4. Changed a lot.

“YouTube content.

I remember when the content creators I watched actually liked making their content…. These days I don’t think anyone except the very new actually enjoy making videos (or streaming) anymore. It’s just a job.

And ya I think they should get paid but if you do anythint as a job for any length of time you’re gonna grow to h**e or resent it. It’s just sad though. Half the enjoyment of watching content was watching someone else enjoy what they were doing.”

5. I’ll pass.

“Etsy shops / cricket businesses that everybody started doing when covid shut everything down.

No, I don’t want to buy that incredibly overpriced tumbler that you added sparkles and a sarcastic phrase to.”

6. Too crowded.

“Hiking the national parks.

As an old guy I got to visit all of them in the 80s/90s. Back then you could enjoy the grandeur and solitude of nature.

Now it’s droves of people, people destroying the parks, hiking with Bluetooth speakers blaring and drones buzzing overhead.

People have turned the parks and trail systems into a congested, trashed mess and I don’t hike anymore because of it.”

7. For the nerds…

“Certain fandoms.

It’s hard to talk about Marvel or Star Wars without getting flanked by some of the more hardcore fans. I’m sorry I don’t know every single detail of their back history, but hot d**n!

I grew up with reading a comic books and watching sci-fi when I was away from my redneck hometown. So I was limited to what I learned when I had time to read.”

8. Not the same.


More people means folks who don’t take care of the boxes.”

9. Don’t tell anyone!

“A back way to a vacation spot.

Never tell a SOUL not family, not friends.

Because they’ll tell one friend who will tell one friend and so on and so on.”

10. Blowing up.

“Joining interesting subreddits.

First a small community is born, each post is great and high quality. It becomes popular because of this, and it begins to gain more members. These new members might not 100% understand the reason of the subreddit and might post something a little off topic or completely off topic.

Soon enough, the defining reason for the sub is blurred and people feel like they can go as low effort or off topic as they can.”

11. Enough!

“Everyone becoming Instagram and social media “influencers”

What do they actually do?

What makes them qualified to promote anything besides having a large following?”

12. Tourist trap.

“A specific answer, Horseshoe Bend.

It’s a beautiful sight. You’ve got this canyon that’s hundreds of feet deep and it looks like a horseshoe. It’s somewhat remote, located way out in Navajo Nation. There’s a nearby town, called Page, that’s pretty small. People would stop by Horseshoe Bend because they lived close enough to take a day trip or because they were traveling past.

In the age of Instagram, however, things changed. Now there are lines to take pictures in certain spots. People leave trash behind, or accidentally drop water bottles and sunglasses off the cliffs (also extremely common at the Grand Canyon).

And pretty recently they put in a parking lot and charge for parking. What used to be a hidden gem is now “they paved paradise and put in a parking lot”, thanks to Instagram. It’s not that the locals are visiting more, it’s that people are traveling for the sole purpose of seeing the bend and taking pictures.

Things got tricky in the time of Covid because Page has grown accustomed to the heightened tourism. This has led to the mayor making s**tty comments toward the Navajo leaders when he tried to get them to reopen recreational areas in Spring 2020.”

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