As the saying goes, you should never meet your heroes.

Or maybe you should!

Because you never really know how it’s gonna go until you actually meet someone whose work you admire.

So it could go either way…

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about when they met celebs.


“Eddie Murphy.

Total piece of s**t. I work in a high end resort and we had him and his family check in to one of our suites, only this time he didn’t have his assistant with him. The bellman who was bringing the bags up to the room was trying to separate all the suitcases into the different rooms and in an effort to make sure everything was in the most convenient room decided to ask where he wanted one of the bags.

Without even turning his head Eddie goes, “Why the f**k is this guy talking to me??”. Bellman ends up sorting everything himself and before he leaves has the audacity to ask if there’s anything else they might need. Eddie proceeds to lose his shit and goes “What’s with this f**king guy and his questions??”.

Honestly I was in tears laughing when he came back and told the story but wow, what a d**k.”

A great woman.

“I worked at a PetSmart in Atlanta and one day, out of nowhere, Queen Latifah walked in.

I swear, you’d have never thought she was a celebrity. We just chatted about dogs and whatnot and there was no pretense.

She didn’t even have a bodyguard or anything. Just a regular gal coming in in PJ pants, getting food for her puppies. Such a great woman.”

That’s cool.

“I used to work at a resort hotel in Daytona Beach.

Kindest celeb was Ben Affleck, who was there for an event and just wanted to get away from the crowd for a few.

Ended up smoking a cig in the employee smoking area and was super nice to the staff that were out there on break.”


“Worst was Sheryl Crow, who insisted on bringing her Golden Retriever up to her room even though we didn’t allow pets, barked orders at literally everyone, and forced her PA to take the dog outside for a walk at 3 am.”

A legend!

“My sibling has a terminal illness in the 1980s and Make A Wish sent our family to the set of Knight Rider to meet David Hasselhoff.

He was cool, but that’s not what matters. Fast forward 30 years and I’m at Heathrow picking up a family member when I see the Hoff standing there on his phone.

I approach him and wait for him to end his call. He looks at me and says hello. I tell him that we met. He looks at me and say, “Was their name …?” He remembered their name after 30 years.

That will always stay with me.”


“Weird Al Yankovic, hands down, is one of the nicest people on the planet.

I watched his Ridiculously Self-Indulgent, Ill-Advised Vanity Tour, which was amazing. He played and sang his ass off for two, two and a half hours. Then, after the show, he met with all the fans with VIP passes, which was about 200.

I was second to last in line and it was almost 1:00 am by the time I got up to see him. He was obviously exhausted and anyone would forgive someone in that situation for being irritable. But not Al. He was tired, but he was smiling and gracious, took time for me, didn’t just try to get me in and out so he could get out of there, he was just the nicest guy.

I didn’t dally because I knew he was wiped out, but I felt like if I had tried to engage with him more, he’d have been cool with that. Only made me a bigger fan of him. And made the Daniel Radcliffe movie that much funnier.”

Pop star.

“Pink was one of the nicest people ever. She turned up at a show I used to work for, and invited me and the host to sit at her table with her and her assistant.

She refused to let me pay for anything the whole night, and treated me like her best friend from school for 3 hours. She bruised my shoulder playing drums to the music (live band karaoke) and before I left she kissed my cheek, and gave me her email address (yes her real one.

Her assistant replied.) after we left my buddy was giving me a bad time about being the new celeb’ boyfriend, and I was confused, it took him and 2 other people the AV guy and the Bouncer to convince me that it was Pink.

I had no clue, (which is common enough) and she introduced herself as Alecia from Philly, and I believed her. TBH I think she enjoyed not having to be anyone other than Alecia for a few hours, and if my obliviousness was able to provide that, then that works for me.”

Natural charisma.

“Salma Hayek was super cool!

I used to walk my dog around soho/tribeca and she saw my dog on the street and was gushing over him and we chatted for a bit. Around 2 weeks later she saw my dog from a car and she got out to say hello and pet him again.

Very funny lady, totally cool and chill to talk to. She just had a natural charisma to her.”

Good and bad.

“Had a job doing events for films.

Don Cheadle, Mark Ruffalo, Paul Rudd, and Michael Douglas are varying types of angels.

Idris Elba has the most beautiful laugh and chill nature about him. Will go off on tangents with you about house music, which is adorable.

Worst? Chevy Chase, Scarlett Johanson, and Janelle Monae.”

This is wholesome.

“Jack Black.

Met him at Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. He came to the top floor before the D played & yelled out, cheap seats doesn’t mean a bad show! (Or something to that effect)

About 2 dozen of us swarmed him & he took pics with us all. But the most memorable part was when 2 teenagers approached him & started crying when asked if they could have a pic. Around the same time, 2 dozen ppl turned into what seemed like a hundred. The group started shoving a little bit & the 2nd teen didn’t get their pic.

The phone was dropped from shoving & the crowd kinda moved Jack along. He stopped everyone. Made us find the kids phone. Took extra pics just with them & told the rest of the crowd they get no more pics cause they bumped the kids.

Was just a decent & kind man. Then he rocked our collective faces off. Great guy.”

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