It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than 25 years since South Park first hit the airwaves…

And the show is still going strong!

And the folks behind the TV show have been right about a whole lot of things over the years.

But today we’re going to focus on things that the South Park folks got WRONG.

Check out what AskReddit users said about this.

Uh oh…

“Famously they were wrong about Hillary winning the election and had to frantically make a new episode to air when Trump won.”


“The Prince of Canada does not dip his arms in pudding when getting married…. it’s maple syrup.”

Poor dog.

“Paris Hilton’s dog did not blow its brains out in the back of a limo.


Funny how that works.

“Remember when they did that whole “you can’t make money on the internet!” bit in response to the writers strike for more streaming royalties?

Now they made ungodly amounts of money on their streaming deals over the past several years.”

Not a fad.

“Pokemon was not a fad.

That whole episode is honestly so much better the older it gets. That was the opinion of a lot of parents and news outlets at the time, too.

That pokemon would come and go, instead of being one of the biggest things for what, 28 years?”

Gettin’ paid.

“Canada On Strike poked fun at the idea that “internet stars” were expecting to get money for their viral content.

Fast forward a few years and there are at least some youtubers on seven figure net incomes.

Mr. Beast now makes seven figures net on each of his videos, which have a lower view count than the many of the videos being lampooned in the episode.”


“Most famously, Climate Change/Global Warming/ManBearPig.

They used to think it was just Al Gore being alarmist and trying to get attention.

Theeeeen, shit started going downhill and they realized they were wrong. So they even made an entire two parter where they essentially apologized and had ManBearPig k**l a s**tload of people.”

A treasure.

“Anne Murray is not a b**ch after all.

She’s our Canadian treasure.

Family Guy gave her a better treatment.”

Normal people.

“Toyota Priuses were and are kinda nice cars for the price and driven by normal people.

And the smug, self-righteous d**chebag stereotype only seemed to exist in pop culture and news media, and even then only for a couple years.

Conversely, the Harley-bro thing is basically a true fact.”

Bad move.

“I mean even vaguely entertaining the idea that the Iraq War was in any way justified is a MASSIVE misstep in hindsight.”


“Ok, I have a tangentially related issue.

Team America: World Police fixates on how d**chey it is for celebrities to think that fame makes their opinions more important.

If you’ve watched any South Park episodes, you might have noticed that every episode builds up to Matt & Trey inserting a speech about their opinion on a topic.”


“The episode where Randy becomes an al**holic, but at the end learns that he can just enjoy 1 beer a night and be fine… That’s total bulls**t.

My al**holic former roommate used to quote that episode to explain that “he’ll get back to being able to have a beer a night” after his benders until he was forced into rehab 2 times.

I f**king hate that episode to this day.”

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