Life sure is funny, don’t you think?

You grow up thinking that certain things are totally normal and then one day you realize that those things were just…WEIRD.

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1. No rest.

“Never being allowed to just chill. My mother was a neat freak and always wanted us to be doing chores.

I have memories of wiping walls and baseboards when I was 5. We literally couldn’t sit around her because she would get irritated. Now as an adult I don’t really know how to spend my free time. I clean my apartment and take care of my needs.

I only really chill on my phone when I’m on the bus or on my break at work. I don’t watch tv or work on hobbies unless I have someone else doing it with me because I always feel a weird guilt after. As a child this was normal but as an adult I now realize that it’s such a strange way to live.”

2. Latchkey kid.

“When I was in the first grade my parents started leaving me home alone. I was 6.

Both my parents worked I would come home from school to a empty house every day. I didn’t have keys to get in at first so I would try and find a unlocked window and climb in.

My dad yelled bat me for scuffing the siding with my shoes. He gave me a set of keys to the front door. Looking back i was the only kid in my class that had a set of keys on them.”

3. Not normal.

“Parents fighting and screaming everyday while me and my sisters hid on one of our rooms. Hearing things slam and bang between shouting battles.

We grew up poor and a lot of it was financial stress but gotten taken out on all of us. Always needing to “go to the store” which back then i thought was a valid reason, but later found out we couldn’t afford to go to the store.

Despite this, giving money to church while we struggled to eat.”

4. Living in fear.

“I thought it was normal to apologize over even the slightest little mess-up so I didn’t get screamed at.

I still have this problem today.”

5. Terrorized.

“I thought having night terrors was normal.

And apologizing over every miniscule thing that I could have possibly done wrong (or blaming myself for the mistakes of others) because I was terrified of getting yelled at.

Still struggle with this, but I’m getting better.”

6. On your own.

“Being in elementary school and waking myself up for school, making all my own food, and walking myself 1-2 blocks to the bus stop while my mom slept.

Making almost all meals for myself. I lived off of mushroom soup for lunch because that’s all I could figure out how to cook.”

7. Pretty sad.

“Parents used to wake me up at 4 am to make them a drink.

I slept over a friends house one night and slept till 7 am! My first words to my friend were ” Why didn’t your parents wake us up at 4 am?” She said why would they? I said to make them a drink?”

I will never forget the look she gave me That was when I realized it wasn’t normal, I was 12.”

8. Sick.

“I thought it was normal for peoples Mothers to be in bed all day.

Got really freaked out when I saw other people’s mothers up and around doing normal s**t.

Turned out mine was d**ng.”

9. Bad home life.

“Having no food in the house and little to no adult supervision while random men came and went from my mother’s room.

I’m legit impressed that I or my younger brother ended up being taken or worse. It was kind of miserable, in hindsight, because some of thise guys would come back with some fast food for us and hang out for a bit talking or playing video games.

Magic Mike was super cool and I still miss him.”

10. On edge.

“The anxiety you feel when you walk thru the door at home, and all your Spidey Sense is trying to pick up the emotional clues of what kind of mood your parents are in.

I never realized other kids didn’t have to do this.”

11. Poverty.

“Impoverished living conditions. No power or water for weeks at a time, little to no food, worn out clothing and hand me downs.

I started to see how my peers were living and thought maybe something wasn’t quite right with my home life.”

12. Got scammed.

“I had been campaigning for a raise in my allowance for a long time.

Finally, my mom caved and said she was giving me a boost from $5 /week to $20 / month.

I was pretty proud of myself. Took me longer than I’d like to admit that mom worked me over pretty good.”

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