We all get triggered by things that we shouldn’t let bother us…

And some of us do it more than others…

Maybe it’s traffic, crying babies, rude customers, etc.

The list is endless, really.

What insignificant thing triggers you?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. I feel you.

“Getting a belt loop stuck on a door handle.

Sends me from zero to raging in a heartbeat.”

2. So rude.

“People that enter an elevator before the people needing to exit the elevator have had a chance to exit.”

3. Seeing red.

“When I’m leaving a room and try to hit the light switch on the way and miss, then repeatedly miss it to the point of having to turn around and go back into said room and turn it off.

I don’t know why, but I could burn my house down.”

4. Gross.

“Security guard here.

The amount of times I’ve seen people throw trash on the ground and walk or drive away is astounding.”

5. How does this thing work?

“When a bathroom sink has a really big bowl but a short faucet so when you go to wash your hands you have to bust your knuckles against the bowl to get under the water.”

6. Time to wrap it up.

“People who don’t have the social intelligence to recognize when it’s time to stop talking as I’m inching farther and farther away to conclude this small talk conversation.”

7. Don’t hog the pavement.

“When I’m behind people who are walking just that bit slower – I’d have to jog (or at least power walk) to get past them, or I have to go at a really uncomfortable slow pace.

These are also the people who end up impossible to pass because they’re weaving all over the place or hogging the pavement.

I get unreasonably, unacceptably frustrated and angry fast.”

8. Amen!

“The difference between Hulu’s show volume and its ad volume.

I’m literally considering cancelling it because of this.

If you try to watch something to fall asleep to and you’re just dozing off, hope to hell you’re not watching Hulu because you’re about to be hit with an air raid warning in 5 min.”

9. Overkill.

“Car dealerships that put their logo on every car.

Pay me for advertising or get your s**tty logo off the car.

I refuse to buy a car unless they will remove it for free.”

10. Why?

“When I park far away from others in a nearly empty parking lot (between the lines, occupying exactly one space) and come out to find someone parked right next to my driver’s side door.

I didn’t do anything to you…why did you decide to do that?? There are over fifty empty spots!”

11. Throwing eggs.

“When I peel a boiled egg, if chunks of the egg stick to the shell as I’m removing it, it makes me want to throw the whole thing across the street.”

12. Out of my way!

“People with no spatial awareness.

Chatting in doorways blocking the way, leaving their shopping carts in the middle of the aisle, etc.”

13. Knock it off.

“When people smack their lips when they chew.

It’s just gum, but why does it sound like a dog trying to eat peanut butter?”

Now it’s time for you to speak out.

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