I can’t remember who it was, but I once read that some big celebrity had gold-plated toilet paper holders in their house.

Yeah, for real…

Seems kind of ridiculous, doesn’t it?

But people waste their money on all kinds of dumb stuff.

And now we’re gonna hear from AskReddit users about what they think is a waste of money.

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1. What’s the point?

“Strip clubs are the biggest waste.

You go in horny and leave hornier.”

2. Wild.

“Designer handbags and apparel.

It probably costs $50 to make and it’s marked up to $5,000.”

3. Getting pricey.

“Paying $15 for a combo at a fast food restaurant and then realizing while you’re eating you could have gone to the restaurant next door and had a quality sit down meal for the same price.”

4. Adds up.


It’s nice once every few months, but I’d never get it every day.”

5. Get it over with.


Pay the minimum possible amount and be done with it.

Don’t go into your new life in debt. You’re just being tricked by society.”

6. Do your research.

“Donating to charities by signing up with one of those people that comes up to you in the street.

If you want to donate to the charity, just go home and do it yourself, then some of your donation won’t go to paying the person’s commission for signing you up.”

7. Pretty weird.


You’re paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to own something that doesn’t exist.”

8. A common complaint.


Government spending is so wildly inefficient and a good chunk of our taxes don’t even go towards helping our fellow citizens.”

9. Really need that?

“Buying a new phone every year.

They don’t change much anyway.”

10. Hunk of metal.

“Expensive and flashy cars.

A cheaper one will get you from A-B just as much.

Stop putting your social worth in how nice a hunk of metal looks.”

11. Amen to that!

“Going to nasty and loud bars/nightclubs and paying all those overpriced drinks and entry fees.

If you want invite me on one, you’ll better pay for ME since I definitely won’t have fun.”

12. Not a fan of the heat.

“Visiting any country that’s hot/humid.

You can’t enjoy your trip when you’re feeling like you’re stuck in a giant convection oven.”

13. Really expensive these days.

“Paying big dollars to go to a sporting event.

Once upon a time, going to say an NFL or NBA game was not that expensive, but now it’s like the same cost as flying across the country for mediocre seats.

And I see the people that pay for this experience, most of them have absolutely no business doing it. It’s almost when you see elderly people just cashing in their Social Security checks at a casino.”

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