Okay folks, we’re about to hear some REAL TALK.

And we’re gonna hear it from AskReddit users about unsettling facts…about themselves.

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Check out what they had to say.

1. Sad.

“My father hit me, sometimes closed fist. He even pointed a g** at my sister and I and threatened to pull the trigger if my mom left him. He’s also a drug addict.

That’s not the scary thing about me though. The scary thing about me is that my father is in me and can come out. People think I’m a really nice person and I really try to be a good person, but when I get angry, like really angry, he can come out. This is why I don’t drink or do drugs, I have to stay on top of it.

I have the belt that my father liked to hit us with, he wanted me to have it for some reason. I keep it hanging so that I have to always see it and remind myself to keep myself in check.”

2. Being honest.

“My dog and my mother d**d in the same year.

I was so devastated when my dog passed. That kind of pain didn’t even touch the pain of losing my mom.

Partially because she had given up on me and life years before she d**d. She drank herself to d**th and got sepsis. My dad k**led himself in 2002. I’m 38 now. I miss them.

I miss my dog more. She was always there for me, through so much illness and loneliness and pain. She was my best friend.


3. A terrible choice.

“I put my dad out of his misery when he was on his d**th bed.

I overdosed him with his paink**lers and he d**d an hour later.”

4. OMG.

“Was co-convicted of manslaughter with diminished responsibilities when I was 16.

A mutual friend of mine & my co-conspirator attacked my friend’s young sister. We learnt about it later in the day after it happened. We went to his home, argued we with him, and then struck him once with the flat edge of a hammer.

He d**d 3-4 days later after being put in a drug induced coma. We were both arrested on murder and kept on bail for a year whilst the CPS made their case. As we were both of decent homes with no previous our lawyer argued anyone would do the same given the situation so murder became manslaughter…eventually.

I was sentenced to 3 years did 18 months and my friend got 5 years and served 3. Although I never hit him they argued I went along willingly, knowing that v**lence was probably gonna happen. That’s why I got time even though I technically didn’t touch him.”

5. At peace.

“I was emotionally a**sed by my dad. He d**d of cancer around 6 years ago, and I felt nothing.

I felt bad that he was in so much pain. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. I just remember waking up the day after he d**d and feeling so oddly at peace when there was no one yelling at me in my doorway.

I truly believe his death helped me recover from my eating disorder, and I became so much less s**cidal and reclusive after that.”

6. Terrifying.

“I’m one of the lucky few with the CCR5-delta-32 mutation.

It makes me immune to HIV and a handful of other pathogens, most notably the Bubonic Plague.”

7. Locked away.

“From ages 6 to 14, I spent all of my time in a pitch black, cold and locked basement, only leaving for school and never letting anyone (outside the family) know.”

8. Addicted.

“I’m heavily addicted to opioids and have been for nearly a decade. Absolutely nobody in my life knows.

When I go without them and have withdrawals, I think about ending it all. I don’t even do them for the high, I have legitimate pain and they help massively.

The high isn’t even much, just makes me feel happier with not being in pain.”

9. Creepy.

“I’m convinced with no evidence that my father is still alive and that my whole family is lying to me.

I logically know he is not. But every knock on the door I open half expecting my father. Could be something to work through … but it’s not really affecting me day to day.

My grandfather d**d and I thought I would feel the same way. Nope. He is d**d and I miss him but he is d**d.”

10. Feeling guilty.

“I sometimes smile and laugh at tragic news/events, especially if I see someone else crying and/or is the barer of bad news.

I hate it, however I think I understand why it happens, it’s some sort of trauma defense mechanism because someone is expecting me to feel saddened and to frown.”

11. Who am I?

“I honesty barely know myself.

Someone asks me about what I do, what I like, etc, and I legitimately have no idea.”

12. The secret.

“I’m slowly leaving society and don’t plan to tell anyone.

I purchased a small piece of property, one small cabin in which I’ll live and a second that has been remodeled for use as a rental to subsidize my income. I have 2 years +/- of work left and have no intention of telling them either. My parents are both d**d and my brother has been estranged for 2 decades.

When I hit my monetary goal in a couple years, I’m just not showing up for life any more. I’ve deleted all socials aside from Reddit as I use it for news and information to stay current until I leave the grid. My phone will also be be left behind.

I plan to take a laptop to communicate with the rental agency and any issues with renters that may arise as I plan to act as the caretaker of said rental. “

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