Some Americans like to think that our country is the center of the universe…

And in a lot of ways, they’re right, but still, we do things that folks in other countries think are pretty weird.

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Where’d they go?

“Giving your credit card to a server after a meal and the server walking away to a place you can’t see to charge it

Most places in Europe the server charges the card in front of you.”

2. Hello, there!

“The giant gaps in bathroom stalls.

I’ve never seen this anywhere else in the world.

I really don’t need to be making eye contact with someone outside the stall door while using the bathroom.”

3. How much do I owe?

“Grocery store prices listed without tax.

I want to pay what the sign says.”

4. Tips.

“Tipping culture.

Why do I have to pay 20% tip?

Why dont you include it in the food price and paid your employee a living wage?”

5. Sucks.

“Rationing insulin.

I’m a type 1 diabetic in the UK and seeing people ask for insulin as they don’t get paid until next week is mind blowing.”

6. Measurements.

“The imperial measuring system. USA is literally 1 of 3 countries that still use inches, feet, yards and miles.

Not that I personally mind it (measuring someone in feet’ and inches” is pretty d**n comfortable), but yeah it’s one of those things us Americans feel is normal and no one else does.”

7. Insane.

“The health system here is far from perfect thanks to the scum trying to sell it off but America is ridiculous.

My dad collapsed in Vegas and had to pay 2 grand just for the ambulance.”

8. Friendly folks.

“It’s common to make small talk with cashiers, wait staff, strangers waiting in line.

Americans are a friendly group.”

9. USA!

“Flags, flags, flags

I mean, you can’t go a few feet without seeing a flag on every establishment.”

10. Big rigs.

“I met a European lady when I was working at a car wash in Arizona.

She said, “I’ve never seen so many trucks not carrying anything.””

11. Nailed it.

“No paid leave for new parents.

For a “pro-family” country it’s really not a family-friendly policy.”

12. You’re not leaving!

“Being expected to stand for the duration of you shift when it isn’t necessary, such as grocery store check-out employees.”

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