Variety is the spice of life!

But still, there are some things that most people seem to find attractive out there.

And then there are those that don’t necessarily find those things or people to be all that great…

Let’s hear from folks who just aren’t feeling it…

1. Not for everyone.

“Crissy Teigen.

She’s by no means ugly but just don’t think she beautiful.”

2. Ouch.

“Gwyneth Paltrow has all the charm of a ream of printer paper.

I do not understand why people find her attractive.”

3. He’s everywhere.

“Pete Davidson.

People want to f**k him. I don’t get it.”

4. Plain.

“Addison Rae.

She’s not necessarily ugly, but she just seems really plain, not really any unique features.”

5. Uh oh.

“Channing Tatum looks like he drank too much and is falling asleep.

He has nice abs but he looks like he chugged a fifth of vodka and is passing out at a college party.”

6. Wow.

“Based off of the majority of people online…

My mom.”

7. Just a little guy.

“Tom Holland.

He still manages to look 12 years old even though he’s 25.”

8. Apparently…

“Apparently Benedict Cumberbatch is considered attractive and I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

To me his face is the equivalent of plain oatmeal. My best friend thinks I’m ridiculous for this opinion.”

9. The ladies seem to like him.

“Adam Levine.

I don’t find him handsome and his voice is annoying.”

10. Weird.

“Ariana Grande.

I get that s** sells but she’s so childlike, it makes me really uncomfortable.”

11. What’s the angle?

“Adam Driver.

My friend claims he has “one angle” but I can’t find a single one.”

12. Are you human?

“Charlize Theron is a weird one because I absolutely see her as beautiful but she’s got that uncanny valley android look about her that puts me off.

Alexandra Daddario has it too, super pretty but something about those eyes makes me want to prepare for her to peel off her face and assimilate me”

13. Not getting it.

“Norman Reedus.

At peak Walking Dead hype I heard so many people talk about how s**y he was and I never understood it.”

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